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CU Art Gallery launches Art exhibit

September 15, 2016

The curatorial concept draws on the artists’ exploration through different lens; as artistic points of reference for the artists in their creative learning, living, and production – introspective, cracked, but human nonetheless. They explore these facades and strip down the human psyche to its core – life, beauty, love and decay. It displays the works of 16 established and up-and-coming artists from Cagayan de Oro namely Adeva Esparrago, Alex Cirpiano, Andee Cris, Arkyoo Quirante, Carl Gabriel, Dana Martinez, Erwin Magbanua, Ian Quirante, Kristy Ligones, Kristof Tiongson, Lot Deleste, Meling Abuga-a, Michael Nuesca, Parson Fernan, Plhong Flores and a guest artist from Europe Peter Moosgaard who is currently a residency program in Davao City. Also curated by the museum artist Mr. Nic Aca. The exhibit showcases the amazing artworks that started from a pen and paper and enhanced through digital art. During the opening, viewers enjoyed the amazing works installed at the gallery and a musical performance by John Uy and Rotsanjani Mojica. On the next day September 03, 2016 an Art Talk was conducted at the Art gallery with Angely Chi Co-Director at the Unifiedfield Nomadic Artist In Residence Program in the Philippines which who also talked about Better Living Through Xeroxography (BLTX) and another speaker Peter Moosgaard presented the SUPERCARGO. The exhibition will run until October 05, 2016. For inquiries and reservation, call the Museum at 856-1165/856-2832 local 7751.

Bukidnon New Breed of Models Finally Chosen!

September 14, 2016

An event organizer in Bukidnon who aims to produce new faces in the modelling world. The selection of new models was quite rigid given that aspirant models have to undergo 6 phases all throughout the screening process; first they considered was the stats of the models which focused on their body proportion, second was the conduct of the initial interview that gauged the personality of the models, third was the photo shoot to square how the models project in the camera, fourth the styling which examined the models’ taste of fashion and how they carry themselves, fifth the walks which measured how models carry themselves in the runway, and finally the final interview that counterchecked the personality and dedication of the models to the job. The successful roll of models include Ms. Justine Pearl Busbus, Ms. Janica Sogoc, Ms. Maria Samantha Bacomo, Ms. Rakene Kate Dacut, Ms. Bianca Gaye Natividad, Ms. Allona Shiegne Cardona, Ms. Dhevy Moore Montalbo, Mr. Arp Kent Redosendo, Mr. Brandon Thamn Nellas, Ms. Tsianina Levounne Amberly Reese Heather Margaret Mendoza, Ms. Krizamae Barabat, Ms. Faye Xyryl, Ms. Unica Oro, Ms. Yssele Grace Yting, Ms. Kathreen Grace Aguilar Abastillas, Mr. Jeffrey Alonto, Ms. Joan Canaria, Mr. Jed Nichol Bustillo Ragandang, Mr. Harold B. Ludevice II, Ms. Bliss Novie Faith Polley, Ms. Ellah Villarin, Ms. Jennisa Meliston, Ms. Jyllanne Gabule Pajares, Mr. Kin Villatima, and Ms. Carren Mhe Embornas. The panel of judges during the selection was Mr. John Rey Pador, Mr. Fruy Antonio, Mr. Stephen John Fuentes, Mr. Manman Tabian, Mr. Sanny Noval, and Mr. Troy Flores. The 25 models joined in a photoshoot stint on September 11 at 1:00 in the afternoon with candy and high fashion themes directed by Mr. Troy Flores, photographed by Mr. Loue Dela Cruz and Mr. Louigy Parisian. Further, Amanda Poda, Aige Obial, John Rey Pador, and Jesriel Mabini were designated as official make-up artists during the event. The photo shoot took place at Valencia Traffic Light near the Jollibee and in the picturesque ambiance of Central Mindanao University. Modeling in the present times evolves tremendously and its demand rises up in the market that is why many people mostly teenagers nowadays aspire to become models or celebrities. “The TF Models and Events was established to create an avenue for the aspiring models to grow their potentials and expose them to the world of fashion and modeling. Me, as the handler of these models, will ensure that they are treated professionally by everyone who wants to book or hire them as models”. Troy said in an interview. The success of the events conducted by the team of TF Models and Events is a positive indication that modeling will soon to conquer the province of Bukidnon.

Groups remind Duterte of environmental to-do list

September 14, 2016

The Green Thumb Coalition, the widest coalition of more than 40 national and local organizations advocating for a progressive environmental agenda, had previously held dialogues with then-presidentiable Rodrigo Duterte, where he clarified positions on several environment, governance and development issues. “President Duterte has, in our engagements, professed his willingness to work with the environmental sector and the rest of civil society in responding to pressing green, climate and development issues,” said Norie Garcia of the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya, Inc. “While we welcome a lot of developments which has already took place under his administration, a lot can still be done and initiated in the last 30 days of the first hundred days of his presidency.” Garcia noted that Duterte’s progressive pronouncements range from themes of mining, biodiversity, renewable energy, climate justice, sustainable agriculture, national land use, people-centered sustainable development, waste and even human rights: the nine themes carried by the coalition during its campaign. Significant strides in mining lauded; climate justice, energy, human rights and other environmental concerns stressed Jaybee Garganera of Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) welcomed the mining audit led by Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR), which has already resulted in the closing of 10 mines in various areas affected by destructive large-scale mining. “With Secretary Gina Lopez at the helm of the DENR, significant strides have surely been made in the issue of mining,” Garganera further stated. “However, a new framework of minerals management must be legislated to ensure long-lasting and sustainable progress in the extractive industry,” he added. Garganera noted that the immediate passage of the AMMB can be realized if President Duterte certifies it as an urgent bill in Congress. Only stricter policies and regulations on the extractive industries will be safeguarded against the massive and continuing poverty and environmental-destruction created by large-scale mining. The creation of an “Environment Task Force” made up of various departments in the Duterte Cabinet was also welcomed, albeit with considerations. Center for Energy, Ecology and Development (CEED) Convenor stressed the importance of incorporating energy in tackling issues of environment, and the apparent absence of the Department of Energy (DOE) in the task force. “The ongoing energy review under President Duterte’s administration must consider the environmental and social cost of dirty energy, and yet so far, the DOE has continually argued for the continued reliance on coal for the country’s power mix,” said Arances. “We must collectively recognize that allowing new coal mining and coal fired-power plants in the country will tie the Filipino people into a technology which is already being phased out internationally,” he added. Arances cited the recent Oxford study saying that increasingly, coal-based technologies are deteriorating into liabilities rather than assets because of the risks they pose to the environment and the economy, and given that renewable energy is being pursued by more and more countries. He called on the President-elect to lead in the transition towards increasing the share of renewable energy in the power mix, which according to studies has decreased over the span of 8 years, even with laws like the Renewable Energy Act of 2008 in place. “We welcome the affirmation of the President regarding the recent resolution from the Climate Change Commission to put under review new and existing coal plants, we call on his administration to implement a moratorium on the approval of new coal projects while the review process is being implemented,” said Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ) National Coordinator Ian Rivera. “This is in line with his agenda and commitment to stream-in renewable energy,” he added. “While this is a positive step as the Philippines is among the most vulnerable countries with regards to climate change and climate-induced disasters, we implore the President to join us in demanding reparations from industrialized countries for the disasters we continually face in the context of climate change,” said Rivera, pointing out how the President Duterte has repeatedly recognized the larger role of rich, industrialized countries in contributing to climate change. Thony Dizon of the Ecowaste Coalition lauded the move by the Duterte administration to begin re-exporting illegal Canadian garbage shipped to the Philippines. “We welcome this development and want to ensure that all 103 containers of Canadian garbage will be re-exported, not just the 50 shipping containers specified by the Manila Regional Trial Court,” Dizon said. Meanwhile, Dizon cautioned the Government into fast-tracking Waste-to-Energy incineration projects which goes against the incineration ban as contained in the Clean Air Act and Ecological Solid Waste Management Act. “The present ‘Guidelines Governing the Establishment and Operation of Wate-to-Energy Technologies for Municipal Solid Waste’ could open the floodgates for costly and polluting incinerators to burn wastes, which could be reused, recycled and composted instead of being burned,” said Dizon. Developments ‘useless’ without human rights, groups say Sanlakas Secretary-General Atty. Aaron Pedrosa raised the issue of people-centered development and human rights in the press conference. “While we recognize that there are many positive steps initiated by the Duterte administration, we cannot ignore the issue of human rights which has been a prevalent theme during the President’s first one hundred days,” Pedrosa said. “Environmental rights are primarily, human rights. Positive environmental developments are useless if civil liberties and collective human rights are neglected. The Philippines currently ranks second in the list of countries with the highest number of killings of environmentalists,” he added. Pedrosa noted that issues regarding charter change, federalism and other significant changes must be approached with significant consideration of the widespread poverty and the people’s need for sustainable and people-centered policies. “At present, President Digong’s plan for development still resembles his predecessor’s development plan,” Pedrosa said. Pedrosa encouraged the Head of State to review and revise his development plan to ensure that human rights, dignity and well-being will not suffer in favour of profit and a business-as-usual track of development. The Duterte Government is at present in the process of revisiting the country’s Medium Term Philippine Development Plan. In addition to these action points derived from Duterte’s favourable responses to issues of the environment, stricter policies on waste, land use and biodiversity has also been supported by the Duterte administration, as well as commitments on agriculture, fisheries and agrarian reform in favour of marginalized sectors in society.

Pilipinas Shell successfully holds Shell Bike Fair 2016 in CdeO

September 8, 2016

The recent rise in number of motorcycle riders for the past couple of years has cemented the popularity of the two-wheeled vehicle, making it an indispensable mode of transportation for Filipinos all over the country. Coming from a successful celebration of all things motorcycle last year, Pilipinas Shell takes things to the next level by hosting a bigger and grander Shell Bike Fair 2016. To show Shell’s appreciation for the motorcycle community, this year’s Shell Bike Fair is a series of three grand events in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The second leg of the three-part celebration was made possible by Shell Advance, Shell V-Power Nitro+, and Shell Select. Shell Bike Fair 2016 Last September 3, the second leg of the Shell Bike Fair 2016 was held at the Limketkai Atrium in Cagayan de Oro through a day filled with games and entertainment for the company’s valued customers. Upon entering the world-class location, the attendees were treated to fun demos and games at the different booths set up throughout the venue. Exciting performances by Callalily and Gracenote plus other surprise celebrity appearances brought the house down, with the crowd partying along to their favorite hits. The event ended on a high note as several motorcycle clubs received special prizes and three lucky guests brought home their brand new motorcycles. Partners on the road Shell aims to demonstrate that it is a trusted partner of motorists in their every ride. Using Shell Advance can help provide easier engine starts, as well as long-term cleanliness and overall maximum protection, for a smoother ride on the road. Shell’s world-class lubricants go hand in hand with the use of Shell V-Power Nitro+, Shell’s premium performance fuels, which are designed to fight gunk and corrosion. And lastly, Shell aims to make every visit to a gas station worthwhile through the wide array of snacks, refreshments and hot meals that Shell Select offers for riders on the go. “For over 100 years, Pilipinas Shell’s products and services have evolved to meet the current needs of Filipino motorists. We want our customers to know that Shell is every Filipino motorist’s partner on the road. Aside from quality lubricants and fuels, offerings such as the Shell Select convenience store, Shell Helix Oil Change+, and other integrated services, Shell has evolved into more than just a gas station – it is a pit stop that fuels both you and your motorcycles,” said Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail. Don’t miss out on the final leg of the Shell Bike Fair 2016 as it culminates in the World Trade Center, in Metro Manila on September 24. For more information, visit

Apple Tree Resort and Hotel: 2nd Runner UP- KUMBIRA 2016 Professional Category

September 7, 2016

KUMBIRA (which means feast or a food festival in Cebuano) was founded in January 1996 as the flagship project of the COHARA (Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Associations, Inc.) in partnership with the Department of Tourism Region 10 has become the pillar of the culinary community and competition that aims to showcase the best gastronomical creations of the Region while incorporating latest gourmet trends. It is said to be the country’s longest running culinary competition and Mindanao’s largest culinary show competition. Hence, celebrating 20 years of culinary show and live competition. On this year’s competition, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel, the leading Resort Hotel in Metro Cagayan de Oro brought home a total of 8 (eight) different awards, including 2 (two) silvers, 3 (three), and 3 (three) diplomas and was announced as this year’s Over-all 2nd Runner Up for the Professional Category with a total ranking score of 35. Ms Odessa Bahian, Apple Tree Resort and Hotel’s F&B Supervisor together with Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis, the Resort’s General Manager led and watchfully guided the Apple Tree team of passionate and dedicated individuals who participated in the 9 (nine) different categories, both professional and mixed including the 10th Mindanao Chef Wars Regional Elimination. “KUMBIRA is a culinary event that has always been looked forward to by most of hotel and restaurant establishments as well as by the academe. Every year seems to be always new to us because the theme is always different. We may not be that talented compare to others however, we always give our best to be able to compete and somehow be successful to any categories we joined.”- As stated by Ms Odessa. “Be confident on your craft”, she added, “As the Team Leader, encouragement is the vital key to showcase their shrouded talents, and thus, we supported their creativeness. Indeed, I am proud of my team’s achievements.” The Apple Tree team bagged the following awards while demonstrating their best culinary skills combining with innovative creations: “On behalf of the Apple Tree Resort and Hotel, we are very proud of our team’s success at this year’s culinary competition. This achievement is not attainable without the dedication, perseverance, and commitment of the whole team. KUMBIRA serves as an opportunity for Apple Tree’s brand to showcase our commitment to culinary experience which includes our unique and masterfully prepared delectable cuisines and to somehow express our team’s imaginative creations and abilities in uplifting the excellence of taste and presentation during the event.”- explained by Ms Emphasis. ABOUT APPLE TREE RESORT AND HOTEL Apple Tree Resort and Hotel is Cagayan de Oro City’s premier resort hotel. Covering over 7,000 square meters, the property boasts a full range of facilities and service for business and leisure, including 39 luxurious guestrooms and suites, indoor and outdoor function spaces for corporate and social events, indoor and outdoor dining outlets, 2 swimming pools and a private beach, and a host of activities for fun & leisure. All these come with a magnificent view of the Macajalar Bay and Camiguin Island and an ambiance that is solely and uniquely Apple Tree’s. It’s time for a fantastic escape. Discover Apple Tree Resort & Hotel Today. To know more about Apple Tree Resort and Hotel: Website: E-mail Address: Facebook: Telephone: 555-1918 Mobile Numbers: 0917-714-4040/0917-718-5152

Miss Opol 2016 crowned

September 6, 2016

Erika Glaiza Tablizo, fondly called Kay-kay by people close to her, was the beautiful maiden representing barangay Malanang bested 14 other deserving candidates in the pageant which was part of the 2nd Opol Ostrich Festival. Known for its fine beaches, not many people know that Opol town in Misamis Oriental is also home to the largest ostrich farm in this part of the country.   Photo show (from left) outgoing Miss Opol 2015 Alexa Patriana, Jo Palabao of Businessweek Mindanao and Mindanao Daily, Opol Mayor Maximino Seno, newly-crowned Miss Opol 2016 Erika Glaiza Tablizo and Vice Mayor Chizarina Ortigoza. photo by mark francisco If you want to be awed and experience the thrill of being in the middle of a nest of giant birds, then come to the ostrich farm in Opol.   A thousand of these 8-foot flightless yet swift-running African birds can be found in none other than Tablizo’s beautiful home village of Malanang. Owned by the Limketkai family in Cagayan de Oro City, the ostrich farm is a food-producing business yet at the same time a tourist spot. The farm features more than ostriches – it also has 50 crocodiles, peacocks, Chinese chicken, sheep and hyacinth Macau parrots. The farm, which opened in 1966, are visited by tourists and Cagayanons on family or friend getaways mostly on weekends. In 2015, the local government of Opol led by Mayor Maximino Seno instituted an annual Ostrich Festival to give homage to the unique tourist spot found only in their town. Ostrich meat is good for health-conscious people since they are low in cholesterol, fat and calories compared to chicken.


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