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Philantropist Joshua Calderon and his team distribute relief goods to frontliners

May 22, 2020

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - Philantropist Joshua A. Calderon is going to lead his team in the distribution of relief goods today (May 22), at 2pm, to the frontliners especially in the checkpoints in the city, and also in the boundary of Libona in Bukidnon. Calderon said the tasks and responsibilities of the frontliners are not easy as they risk their lives everytime they are manning the checkpoints. "They are dealing with a very dangerous enemy that is covid-19 and anytime they could be infected with the deadly virus," says Calderon, CEO and president of Jocals688 Beauty and Wellness Products, Inc. Since the start of covid19 a few months ago his company has been helping the frontliners all over the Philippines. "Aduna usab kitay mga branches sa tibuok Pilipinas nga naghimo usab ug mga pagtabang sa mga frontliners ug mga less fortunate nato nga mga kaigsoonan." Mr Calderon, also widely known as Jocals has been helping in Cagayan de Oro.  He has also distributed rice and cash assistance to the blind masseurs in Barangay 40 who lost their jobs when City Mayor Oscar Moreno ordered the area closed due to reported covid19 cases in the city. Jocals also became famous over Magnum Radio when he helped a trike driver who donated his P200 income to the family of a person who committed suicide due to massive poverty. Just like other people and good samaritans in the city, Joshua has also admired the heart of a man who despite their hand-to-mouth surviving situation he still managed to donate his daily income. "Atong gihatagan siya ug reward sa iyang kabuotan ug pagka maayong tawo. Adtong nabalitaan nga gaabang lang siya sa iyang sikad, so atong gipalitan ug iyang kaugalingong sikad para dili na siya mangabang ug mas dako na iyang mauli sa pamilya," Philantropist Joshua Calderon pointed out.      

DOH 10, CDO commemorate international HIV/AIDS day

May 18, 2020

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The Department of Health (DOH)-10 together with the City Healthy Office (CHO) here and partner-agencies commemorated the International AIDS Day with candle lighting and prayer, May 16.     “We commemorate those people who died with HIV/AIDS, and celebrate those people who fight for the advocacy. The DOH, the CHO, and the CDO AIDS Council are doing their best to attend to HIV/AIDS-affected Filipinos knowing our city has a high-case rate.  Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, we should not forget that HIV is still an epidemic,” said Enrique Niño Patricio, executive director Kagay-an Plus Inc. and operations manager of Oro Pia Community Center, a non government organization for people living with HIV based in Cagayan de Oro.     With this year’s  theme, “We remember we take action, and we live beyond HIV,” the organizers aim to pay tribute to the men and women who take part in fighting the disease through proactive steps such as information drives, and social-psychological and medical support for affected individuals.     In line with measures taken under the prevailing conditions, the DOH ensures that the health services for persons living with HIV  would go unhampered such as the delivery of medicines and Anti-Retroviral Drugs (ARDs) to their residences to protect them from COVID-19 due to their compromised immune system.     “Our government most especially the DOH, though swamped with COVID-19, still continues to give the needed support. In fact, our medicines have arrived and we ensure that these are delivered to the patients,” he concluded. (VPSB/PIA10)

Seed storage, warehouse to drum up agri-services for Misamisnons

May 16, 2020

CdeO City, May 14 – Misamis Oriental farmers will now have greater access to boost their productivity and income through completion of the nearly Php10 million seed storage with warehouse, nested within barangay Lumbia, this city. Adopting the ‘new normal’ amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Project was officially turned over by the Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office 10 (DA-10) helmed by OIC-Regional Executive Director Carlene C. Collado to the Provincial Local Government Unit of MisOr thru Governor Yevgeny Vincente B. Emano, in a simultaneous virtual and on-site turnover. With fund source from the agency’s Corn Program, said facility is primarily built in support to the buffer stocking of corn seeds while ensuring its quality by maintaining its acceptable germination rate through improved seed storage. “It is high time that we have this turnover, as there are a lot of seeds and fertilizers coming for the province,” Collado, the executive director reported, especially amid the ongoing global health crisis, creating an even more challenge for the so-called food security frontliners. Lying in an area of 312.5 square meter, with an approximate total capacity of 265 tons at 13,203 bags, in which the cold storage can house 114 tons consisting of 5,658 bags at 20 kilograms per bag while the ambient storage can hold 151 tons consisting of 7,545 bags at 20 kilograms per bag. “The department will be delivering and storing about 15,600 bags of seeds and fertilizers costing around at Php32.5 million for Misamis Oriental,” he detailed. As the Project will also be home to DA’s other interventions like rice and high value crops seeds and farm equipment, the agency head elaborated that provision of hybrid and inbred seeds will be directly given to the [municipal] local governments and to be arranged for distribution to farmers. “The remaining stocks, however, will be stored in said facility,” Collado further said. In response, Gov. Emano pinned his hope in said Project, as it will address the plight of farmers every planting season, paving easier access to withdraw quality farm inputs. “We are very grateful for what you [DA] have done for MisOr. I guess this is the time where we will be able to deliver the seeds at the right time,” the provincial governor remarked. Even he acknowledges that the agency is exerting its efforts of buying the much needed seeds at the soonest time, the challenge is buying them too early and not being able to transport the seeds fast to its intended beneficiaries. “With the finished Project, the agency precisely addresses the Misamisnon farmers’ stocking needs for seeds to focus and promptly start their planting activities,” Emano concluded. #

Milk, diapers for babies, the Joshua Calderon legacy

May 12, 2020

PHILANTROPIST AT WORK SPECIAL NEWS FEATURE BY JOEL CALAMBA ESCOL, MDN night editor   PICTURE PERFECT. Portrait of a generous and kind-hearted Joshua Alforque Calderon and his lovely wife. In this trying times of the covid-19 pandemic modern heroes are born and legacies were also made.  In this trying times of the covid-19 pandemic which shocked and shaken the world, heroes are born and legacies were made. In Luzon and Metro Manila, many moms have cried for their kids' milk and diapers. Moms asked for help from relatives and friends as they have emptied their pockets due to lockdowns and quarantines, which prompted their husbands to stop working and provide no more. Thousands of Filipinos who only depended on a daily income to survive have been in the dilemma of looking for money to buy for food, as the government's response is too late. The sad part is that, you were stayed home for a month and the barangay official only gave you 5 kilos of rice and some sardines and noodles. How would a family of three survive this crisis? But the good news is, In this trying times of our lives heroes are born and legacies were made too. Many good people with a big heart responded to the call of supplying for the milk and diapers of families in many parts of the countries. Other good samaritans also gave vegetables, chickens, eggs and many more, which could help the family survive the rising crisis of food. In Cagayan de Oro, one of those who responded to the call for food, milk and diapers was a philantropist Joshua Alforque Calderon. In his own little ways and resources he gave rice and small amount of money to the "people in distress in the city." The family of Vanjoe and Enday Lantuyan were recipients of the milk and diapers that Mr Calderon offered to help. On May 9, Vanjoe and his wife Julie and the family of Enday Lantuyan have asked for help, claiming they have no more money to support the diapers and milk needs of their little kids. Julie is taking care of 1 year old and two month boy Isaiah, while Enday Lantuyan is taking care of 1 year old baby girl she called Bagtak. "Wala na gyod koy diapers ug gatas sa akong batang gamay. Maayo unta kon adunay malumong kasingkasing nga makasuporta nato bisan gatas ug diapers lang. Ang kita sa akong bana nga drayber tag P100 nalang kada adlaw sa iyang pag drive ug pedicab kay tagduha raman ka pasahero gitugot tungod sa social distancing," Lantuyan lamented. Julie, for her part says, she was also emptied since her husband has no work at the moment. "Ako pud galisod na pud asa nami ug pang gatas ug diapers nga walay trabaho akong bana. Mahuman na unta ning covid oy! was Julie's only hope and prayer to stop her predicaments of surviving so hard in this trying times of the pandemic. THE GOOD NEWS Enday Lantuyan and Julie's sentiments have reached to the Philantropist Joshua Calderon and like he did in other people who are worthy to be helped, the good man of the masses never hesitated to offer some help. In the afternoon of that same day, Joshua Alforque Calderon responded by sending P5000 for the kids' milk and diapers and other needs of the families of Vanjoe and Enday Lantuyan. "It was a blessing in disguise. Wala mi magtoo naa diay mga instrumento ang ginoo nga maoy makatabang nato sa panahon sa kalisod ug panginahanglan. Salamat sa kabootoan ug pagka matinabangon ni Jocals. We will pray for more success in his business," says Julie in jubilation. Enday Lantuyan also enjoyed Jocals' milk and diapers support and some cash for her family. "Kinsay magtoo nga ang atong paghisgot hisgot sa kalisod nato nadungog diay sa ginoo ug karon adunay mitabang nato. Mabuhay ka Joshua Calderon! Daghan pang moabot nga grasya ug pagpapala tungod sa imong pagkamaayong tawo," Enday Lantuyan concluded with so much happiness in her heart.     Philantropist Joshua Alforque Calderon have also given rice to the poorest of the poor sector in society affected by the pandemic. Read more stories of Jushua's act of kindness and generosity in Cagayan de Oro, as well as his team in the whole of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Long live the Philantropist in this trying times of the pandemic!      OTHER STORIES YOU CAN READ FOR JOSHUA GOOD SAMARITAN JOSHUA CALDERON GOOD SAMARITAN REWARDS 'TRIKE' DRIVER TIME TO SHINE FOR JOSHUA CALDERON  

Public transport resumes with more expensive fares

May 4, 2020

ILIGAN CITY ----- Buses from one of Mindanao’s leading public transport firms are back on the road for the first time since the enhanced community quarantine was downgraded to modified community quarantine. Rural Transmit of Mindanao Inc. (RTMI) resumed operations on May 1st on its route in Cagayan de Oro City to Lugait, Misamis Oriental. On April 30, Iligan Mayor Celso Regencia issued Executive Order No. 40 placing the city under MCQ which allowed public transportation (jeepney, taxi, tricycle. trisikad and calesa) to operate within the city proper.  This now allows Iligan residents, who are dependent on public buses, to go home after they got stranded in other places. However, since buses from outside Iligan are not yet allowed to enter the city, the RTMI buses are operating meantime from their terminal at the Centennial Park at the boundary of Barangay Dalipuga, Iligan City and Lugait town in Misamis Oriental. Robert Abanid, RTMI dispatcher assigned at the temporary terminal, said six units of aircon and 12 units of non-aircon bus are now plying the said routes from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. "We have to comply with social distancing and limit the number of our passengers as required by the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board). To cope with the unoccupied seats, we have to implement the regular fare which is P165 pesos for aircon and P135 pesos for non-aircon in lieu of the 'promo fare' before the COVID (pandemic)," Abanid said. RTMI was offering a ‘promo fare” of only P100from Cagayan de Oro City to Iligan City for both for aircon and non-aircon buses prior to the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Aircon buses can accommodate a maximum of 49 passengers and non-aircon buses 33 but with social distancing enforced, aircon units are limited to 25 persons at any one time and non-aircon, 17. From the boundary of Lugait town and Barangay Dalipuga, passengers have to disembark and take a jeepney to go to the city proper for P20 pesos, although fares can vary from P22-18, depending on the driver. Meanwhile, public utility jeepneys plying within Iligan City proper are also observing physical distancing and can only accommodate half of their usual capacity. An Armak Jeep that usually carries 26 passengers is now allowed only a maximum of 13, while smaller jeepneys with a 14-passenger rated capacity are only allowed seven at  one time, said Raul Permites, chairman of Coalition of Lanao del Norte Utility Transport for Change (CLUTCH). Thus, the CLUTCH has petitioned the LTFRB to allow them to collect P12 pesos per passenger (not 15 as earlier reported) for the duration of the quarantine.  Permites said the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 in Iligan already approved the request but CLUTCH is still waiting for the response of LTFRB Region X. Iliganons have mixed reactions to the proposed increase. Commuters Ruperto Ybañez and Jun Pacapat said a 100% increase of minimum fare to P15 pesos is quite expensive but they depend on public transportation to go around the city. "It is not okay with me but I am forced to pay the amount to get to my destination," Ybañez said. "I only have a daily salary of P300. If you take P30 from that for my fare, and 50 pesos for my lunch, how much will be left from my salary? But then, I also understand the driver's plight," Pacapat said. Joe Limbaring, a jeepney driver on the San Miguel route, said he has been charging P10 per passenger but if a passenger only gives him P7 he is fine with it. Flor Montebon, a jeepney operator on the Ubaldo Laya route, said she allowed her three drivers to operate the three units and she is not collecting rental but the drivers take care of their fuel. "Wala ko naningil og 'boundary' kay lu-oy man gud pero tubilan lang nila ang jeep. Ayha nako magningil kung mobalik na sa normal ang tanan, akong tabang sa ilaha, pero sila nalang magpa-gasolina," Montebon said. (I did not collect rental because I pity them. I'll only start collecting when we are back to normal. It's my way of helping them but they will have to spend for their fuel.)

CDO health office now accepts online consultations

April 20, 2020

For Cagayan de Oro residents, please like the CDO City Health Office Doctors page. Starting April 22, they will be accommodating consultations, medical and health questions via this page. Just message them from 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon Mondays to Fridays.


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