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Kiwi Envoy promotes post-grad scholarship at Xavier Ateneo

February 21, 2020

Kiwi Envoy promotes post-grad scholarship at Xavier Ateneo Report by Karl Aparece Photos by Rogelio Amarille   New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines, His Excellency Peter Kell, visited Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan on February 4 to showcase post-graduate scholarship opportunities in New Zealand. Kell was joined by Dyan Aimee Rodriguez (New Zealand Aid Program manager), Noelle Velasquez (policy adviser), and Education New Zealand represented by Desiree Lee, market manager (Education New Zealand), Angela Drake, manager for international relations (Massey University), and Yuki Fukui, regional market manager (University of Otago). Rodriguez said scholars are entitled to receive full scholarship, stipend, and other benefits shouldered by the universities. Courses offered include but are not limited to good governance, food security and agriculture, and disaster and risk management. The scholarship is geared towards development and graduates are required to go back to the Philippines for a minimum of two years to contribute to the country. Only 24 scholars aged 18-24 years old with a minimum of two-year work experience will be pooled from the entire country.  Lee assured that scholars would not feel lonely in New Zealand because of the cohesive international community that universities have aside from the local community culture. She relates having bonded with tight Filipino community there. Kell explained that so long as aspiring scholars can relate their majors to the Interdisciplinary courses being offered for scholarship and that they have a vision in mind on how they can contribute to the world, then they can be chosen as one of the 24 fortunate scholars. He added that the NZ Embassy will work harder to bring more scholarship opportunities in the future, as well as to expand the courses offered by their universities. ∎    Please visit for more information regarding post-graduate scholarship opportunities.

Xavier Ateneo Social Dev’t Week focuses on building ‘metropolized’ CDO

February 20, 2020

Xavier Ateneo Social Dev’t Week focuses on building ‘metropolized’ CDO Report by ZairaDehing Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan Social Development (SD) Cluster celebrated this year’s SD Week 2020 from January 20 to 24, with the theme “Urban Development: Social and Environmental Challenges and Opportunities.” The week-long celebration kicked off with the Tabuan and Food Festival at the Science Center grounds. The tabuan trading showcased the fresh fruits and vegetables by the farmers from Barangay Langaon, Bukidnon and the Manresa Farm. In the evening, an Opening Mass was held at the university church, presided by Fr Roberto C. Yap SJ and Fr Mars Tan SJ. It was attended by the SD Cluster family: vice-president, admin, directors, program officers, SD volunteers, staff, SD coordinators, and students. On the second day, the Forum on Metropolization: Social and Environmental Challenges and Opportunities was held at the XU Little Theater (XULT). The local government unit, organizations, and students were invited to the forum. Dr. Divina Luz Lopez, professional lecturer from the Political Science Department of De La Salle University, highlighted the onset of Cagayan de Oro City’s transformation from a common city into a metropolized city in her keynote speech. “Metropolization is important because we need to network resources, human technology and economic resources for economic growth,” Fr. Yap noted. The emerging development of the city entails more roads, buildings, infrastructures, and influx of people coming in and out. City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno told the audience that working together is one of the requirements to achieve a metropolized city.  “Metropolization must come from the heart and the willingness and the determination to work together, the ‘bayanihan’ is the keyword for metropolization,” Moreno said. Students and representatives from various schools and government agencies gathered together on the third day of the SD Week Celebration for the “Service Learning Summit 2020: Engaging Xavier Ateneo to the frontiers of Building Resilient Communities,” still at the XULT. SLP director Engr Gail de la Rita shared the summit rationale and the objective of the program. XU students also presented various SL engagements to the participants of the summit. The event served as a good avenue to learn about service learning engagement and to share their insights of the program. On the fourth day, the regional launch of the “World Bank Philippines: Economic Update 2019” was held, including a stakeholders’ roundtable discussion at the XU American Corner Library.  The SD Week 2020 culminated with Urban Greening Project: Urban and Mangrove Planting and SD Cluster Deepening Session. Urban Greening is an institutional project of XU that seeks to involve all its units in partnership with various groups and agencies from key sectors toward a cleaner and greener Mindanao, by planting trees in the urban and coastal area. Participants were gathered at Kiosko Kagawasan as early as 5:30AM to prepare for a short program. VP for social development Roel R Ravanera and Engr Armen Cuenca from the City Local Environment & Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) delivered their respective messages and explained the implications of the said activity. After the program, simultaneous urban and mangrove planting transpired in Barangay Tablon and Bonbon, respectively. The SD Cluster deepening session provided the avenue for the people behind every event to assess and appreciate their hard work and output. Positive feedback and gratitude poured out as Tan facilitated the said sharing. The whole SD family expressed its gratitude to the people who helped and participated in the week-long celebration. They also thanked their sponsors who shared their resources and the volunteers who devoted their time and effort in covering the events.

Belgian ambassador visits Xavier Ateneo to discuss progress of BIMWAM Research Program

February 19, 2020

Belgian ambassador visits Xavier Ateneo to discuss progress of BIMWAM Research Program CAGAYAN DE ORO, Philippines --- His Excellency Michel Goffin, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, visited Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan last January 29th, 2020 to join the semi-annual evaluation of the BIMWAM (Building up an Integrated Methodology for Water resources Assessment and Management) project.     Funded by ARES-CDD (Académie Supérieure de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur- Cellule de Coopération au Developpement) the meetings are usually attended by University of Nammur professor Vincent Hallet, Université Catholique de Louvain professor Ignace Adant, University of Mons professor Pascal Goberniaux, La Salle Bacolod professor Ana Rosa Carmona, and Dr Guadalupe Calalang and Fr Mars Tan SJ  from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. Engr Noe Desmet from Louvain and Felix de Selys Longchamps join the group in this instance. After meeting with XU president Fr Roberto Yap SJ, HE Goffin was introduced to the team members after which Hallet, the North Coordinator and Calalang, the South Coordinator, introduced the BIMWAM Research Program.  Mark Sabines and Adrian Agbon, the two PhD scholars presented the progress of their studies immediately after. It was followed by a discussion of the different stakeholders, MERWASCO for Medina and OPWA for Opol. The meeting was also attended by members of the local government units of the two municipalities as well representatives from El Salvador where the research is being implemented. HE Goffin,expressed how the Belgian government through ARES is supporting projects helping local communities of Mindanao to improve their daily lives and is looking forward to other initiatives and partnerships involving Belgian universities and Xavier Ateneo

Xavier Ateneo’s Fr Tan presents research on CDO river catchment

February 15, 2020

Xavier Ateneo’s Fr Tan presents research on CDO river catchment ENVIRONMENT SCIENTIST. Fr Mars P Tan SJ, director of XU McKeough Marine Center, presents his research at the 15th National Symposium on Marine Science. Supplied photo.  AKLAN, Philippines — A research paper titled “Sediment Plume Behaviour and Coastal Current Circulation Patterns in the Coastal Marine Environment of the Cagayan de Oro River Catchment” was presented by Fr Mars P Tan SJ, director of XU McKeough Marine Center, at the 15th National Symposium on Marine Science held at the Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan. The research revealed the behavior of river-borne sediment plume as it reached the coastal water and based on the surface current circulation in the bay within the vicinity of the Cagayan de Oro river mouth. To calculate the sediment plume movement and the coastal circulation pattern during certain months, the study employed the Delft 3D modelling tool. The model used information such as wind speed and direction, tidal action, river velocity, water discharge, and suspended sediment concentration to calculate the movement, direction, and reach of the sediments in the coastal water. To qualify the varying effects of bay-forcing factors, three categories based mainly from the suspended sediment concentration and the water discharge rate were made: zero sediment and low water discharge, average sediment concentration and average water discharge, and extreme sediment concentration and very high water discharge. The resulting effects of the modelling showed that the largest amount of sediments was deposited near the mouth of the CDO river and the dispersed plume generally moved in a southeast direction in the bay. The 15th National Symposium on Marine Science was organized by the Philippine Association of Marine Science and Aklan State University, with support from the Aklan provincial government, DENR-UNDP SMARTSeas PH Project, Oceana, DA-BFAR National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, and other environmental organizations of the country. ∎  

Xavier Ateneo, French Embassy renew their partnership on cultural programs

February 15, 2020

Xavier Ateneo, French Embassy renew their partnership on cultural programs   SIGNED (L-R): XU College of Arts and Sciences dean Dr Judy Sendaydiego, Attachée for Higher Education Emma Briffaut, Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Jean-Jacques Forté, Xavier University president Fr Roberto "Bobby" C Yap SJ,  XU VPHED Dr Juliet Dalagan, OICN director Elisabeth Enerio, History/International Studies Department assistant chairperson Gleford Lagcao. Supplied photo.   CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines — The Embassy of France to the Philippines, represented by Jean-Jacques Forté, Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, and Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan, led by Fr Roberto "Bobby" C Yap SJ, renewed their memorandum of agreement (MOA) last January 21. The MOA underlines the strong relationship existing between the two institutions since 2014, as well as their common commitment to promote French culture and language within Xavier Ateneo. More than a hundred undergraduates of the XU are currently taking French language classes as part of their curriculum. Emma Briffaut, Attachée for Higher Education and head of Campus France-Philippines, presented to students and faculty opportunities to pursue their studies in French institutions.   Briffaut also met with XU faculty who are seeking training or doctoral programs in their fields or opportunities for collaborative research with their French counterparts.   Briffaut stressed the importance of seeking and elaborating links with French higher education institutions.∎ For more information, please visit or  INSPIRING STUDENTS. Jean-Jaques Forté and Emma Briffaut present scholarship opportunities to XU students. Supplied photo.   FURTHER STUDIES. Emma Briffaut presents opportunities for collaborative research to XU faculty. Supplied photo. 

SEC promotes One Person Corporations

February 12, 2020

The Securities and Exchange Commission is promoting the creation of One Person Corporations (OPCs) to address operational and organizational issues inherent in the single proprietorship and regular corporations of the country. “Among the issues addressed by the OPCs are the proliferation of intra-corporate squabbles affecting decision making, liabilities of single proprietorship owners inherent in sole proprietorships, and reportorial and other requirements inherent in the business forms allowed under the old Corporation Code,” said Lee Franco P. Magtrayo, Security Specialist of the SEC Cagayan de Oro Extension office during a seminar on the topic held last January 31st. “One of the key revisions of the Revised Corporation Code (Republic Act no. 11232 or the RCC) which became effective Feb. 23, 2019, (replacing Batas Pambansa Bldg. 68), and removing the minimum number of incorporators required to organize a corporation and allowed the formation of one-person corporation, a corporation with a single stockholder and without a minimum authorized capital stock required,” he added. “As early as the late 80s and early 90s we had already identified that our law on corporations needed to be proactive and dynamic. During our annual strategic planning, we identified provisions in the Corporation Code that we encountered at our level that needed to be amended.,” said Atty. Renato V. Egypto, regional director of the SEC Cagayan de Oro Extension office. “However, our recommendations did not prosper beyond the committee level in both houses of Congress,” he added. “It was only last year that the new law and amendments to the old Corporation Code were operationalized.” Egypto said the roll-out of the OPCs was further delayed by the slow response time on verification of OPC names last year. However this process has been expedited and so far 34 OPCs have already been registered with the SEC CDO Extension Office. “Starting this month, we will hold roadshows outside the city and region in addition to our present in-house seminars,” Egypto noted. “We will be closely coordinating with the chambers of commerce and this will be a year round activity in response to the clamor of businessmen.” Following are some of the salient features of OPCs discussed during the recent orientation seminar: A one person corporation (OPC) is a corporation with a single stockholder, who can only be a natural person, trust or estate. The incorporator of an OPC being a natural person must be of legal age. As an incorporator, the ‘trust’ as used by the law does not refer to a trust entity, but as subject being managed by a trustee. If the single stockholder is a trustee, administrator, executor, guardian, conservator, custodian, or other person exercising fiduciary duties, proof of authority to act on behalf of the trust or estate must be submitted at the time of incorporation. The suffix “OPC” should be indicated by the one person corporation either below or at the end o fits corporate name. The OPC is not required to have a minimum authorized capital stock except as otherwise provided by special law. Section 12 provides that Corporations shall not be required to have a minimum capital stock, except as otherwise specifically provided by special law capital stock required. Not allowed to form OPCs are banks, non-bank financial institutions, quasi-banks, pre-need, trust and insurance companies, public and publicly listed companies, non chartered GOCCs. A natural person who is licensed to exercise a profession may not organize as an OPC for the purpose of exercising such profession except as otherwise provided under special laws. A foreign natural person may put up an OPC, subject to the applicable constitutional and statutory restrictions on foreign participation in certain investment areas or activities. The single stockholder shall be the sole director and president of the OPC. He or she may not be appointed as corporate secretary but may assume the role of treasurer. The single stockholder who also assumes the position of Treasurer shall post a surety bond to be computed based on the authorized capital stock of the OPC. The single stockholder is required to designate a nominee and alternate nominee named in the Articles of Incorporation in the event of death and incapacity.  The written consent of both the nominee and alternate nominee shall be attached to the application for incorporation. The single stockholder may, at any time, change its nominee and alternate nomine by submitting to the Commission the names of the new nominees and their corresponding written consent. The Articles of Incorporation need not be amended. In case the single stockholder becomes incapacitated, the nominee can take over the management of the OPC as director and president. At the end of the incapacity, the single stockholder can resume the management of the OPC. In case of death or permanent incapacity of the single stockholder, the nominee will take over the management of the OPC until the legal heirs of the single stockholders have been lawfully determined and the heirs have agreed among themselves who will take the place of the deceased or disabled. The OPC is not required to submit and file its Bylaws. The OPC shall file its Articles of Incorporation (AI) in accordance with the requirements of Section 14 of the RCC. The AI must set forth its primary purpose, principal office address, term of existence, names and details of the single stockholder, the nominee and alternate nominee, and the authorized, subscribed, and paid-capital and such other  matters consistent with law and which may be deemed necessary and convenient. For more details contact Lee Franco P. Magtrayo, tel # (088) 857-4325 or email  


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