Krispy Kreme flexes Original Glazed and more in 2020

By Mark Francisco
January 7, 2020



KRISPY Kreme is known for our sweet treats. However, what we want to provide our customers something that goes beyond what they put in their mouths. We want to satisfy their sweet tooth and treat them by providing happy moments every time they encounter Krispy Kreme in any kind of way.


With this, we ask, "What else can we offer to satisfy the cravings of our customer?" And we in Krispy Kreme Philippines thought: timeless, craveable American treats.


Krispy Kreme being known as a provider of Sweet Treats, we will go the extra smile for our fans and even non-customers.


With this, we have come up with the Krispy Kreme Popcorn in two of our most iconic flavors: Original Glazed and Chocolate Glaze that will surely be a hit among our fans!


Anchoring our 2020 products on Original Glazed doughnuts to further amplify our brand efforts, our iconic world-famous melt in your mouth doughnuts are now in Choco Hazelnut.


We have come up with an Original Glazed doughnut, lightly glazed with Chocolate Hazelnut. The Chocolate Hazelnut Glazed Doughnut will surely be a hit among our fans as this flavor has a great following in the Philippines especially with the popularity of Nutella. This will be available in vanilla cake and cake bites and will be included in the assorted box of nine bites.


As Filipinos are heavy smackers and are always on the go, it is just the right time for us to finally launch the OG Bites - our bestselling melt in your mouth doughnut in a bite-size format.


It will be positioned as part of our Bites lineup and will be available in six: OG Bites Cup of seven, pre-assorted box of nine, OG Bites Bucket of 24 and OG Bites Bucket of 45





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