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Army welcomes congressional inquiry on ALCADEV, TRIFPSS

April 30, 2019

CAMP Evangelista, Cagayan de Oro City--The Philippine Army’s 4th Infantry Division lauded the recent visit of Committee on Indigenous Cultural Communities and Indigenous Peoples (CICCIP) of the House of Representatives in Lianga, Surigao del Sur to conduct a legislative inquiry on the Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development (ALCADEV), and Tribal Filipino Program of Lianga, Surigao del Sur (TRIFPSS, Inc.). “We gladly welcome CICCIP’s interest in the issue involving ALACADEV and TRIFPSS as this will shed light on the true nature and purpose of these entities. We are expecting a omprehensive and unbiased result from the inquiry because we want the truth to come out,” Cpt. Regie Go, chief of the 4ID Public Affairs Office said. On April 28, the inspection team composed of Atty. Rueben Lingating, Chairman of the Indigenous People’s Peace Panel of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP); Adora Pueblo, CICCIP Committee Secretariat; and representatives from the Department of Education (DepEd), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and National Commission on Indigenous People’s (NCIP) visited Km 16, Sitio Han-ayan, Bgy Diatagon, Lianga, Surigao del Sur to validate reports citing the said lumad (indigenous people) schools’ connection with the Communist- Terrorist CPP-NPA. CICCIP said “significant data and information (on the alleged involvement) have been endorsed to the committee as well as to the Office of the House Speaker by the National Security Adviser (NSA) in December 2018 and in January this year prompting the conduct of the inquiry. Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Franco Nemesio Gacal, 4ID Commander said the Army leadership fully supports the legislative inquiry in the interest of truth. “Let truth finally come out about these dubious organizations who continue to sow discord in our communities particularly among our lumads. I am confident their true colors will be exposed along with the persons and organizations behind them who lure unsuspecting people including our children and youth,” Gacal said. The Army commander also expressed confidence that the inquiry will result into laws that would ensure right education for children, and better protect IP or lumad communities from CPP-NPA exploitation and abuse. “They have been hiding under the cloak of these schools and other entities all these years to promote communist-terrorist ideologies. Let’s save our children and youth from the clutches of the CPP-NPA. It is about time we stop them from destroying families, communities and the entire country”, he added. Earlier this month, the said team also visited Salugpungan Schools in various parts of Davao which, according to former NPAs and captured documents, have been used by CPP-NPA as breeding and training grounds for new recruits for many years. Salugpungan, ALCADEV and TRIFPSS were among the CPP-NPA front organizations cited earlier by Maj. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., the AFP Deputy Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations, that have duped the European Union and Belgium for support and funding along with the Rural Missionaries, Solidagro, Viva Salud, Kiyo, Gabriela, ANAKPAWIS and others. Parlade said these organizations used “fake reports of Bakwit and IP killings, in order to ask them (foreign NGOs) for donations. (PR)  

Groups launch #IsyuHindiKandidato as midterm elections in PH draw near

April 29, 2019

ENVIRONMENTAL activists and other various groups have launched #IsyuHindiKandidato two weeks before the forthcoming midterm elections. The Greenpeace Philippines, together with Amnesty International Philippines, People’s Food Movement, Green Thumb Coalition, and the Public Affairs Ministry of Our Lady of Remedies Parish launched the #IsyuHindiKandidato initiative, which seeks to highlight important issues that should take the center stage this May. #IsyuHindiKandidato seeks to break through the usual election season noise--the campaign slogans and jingles, candidates’ qualifications, weightless promises--and steer the discourse towards the issues and concrete solutions needed NOW. The initiative will highlight the importance of empowering and giving hope to citizens and frontline communities, especially in the realization of the constitutional rights of the Filipino people to a healthy and balanced ecology under the framework of secure, safe, livable, and sustainable cities and municipalities. “This election will be a game changer for our country,” said Khevin Yu, campaigner for Greenpeace Philippines. “We cannot just sit and watch while politicians are engaging in nothing but mudslinging. We have to insist that we talk about issues that affect our daily lives - transportation, food, justice, security, and many other legitimate issues. Time is running out, and it is a matter of utmost urgency that we raise our voices for our issues. Our lives and the lives of our families depend on it.” A mural, entitled ‘Portraits of Resistance’, created by artist and activist AG Saño, was unveiled during the launch. The artwork depicts the character of everyday citizens rising up because their daily lives are severely affected by decisions of elected officials who crave to hold power rather than wanting to serve the public. The Portraits seeks to subvert our personality-driven election culture away from flashy politicians and towards the people that they should be serving. The launch was also followed by an #IsyuHindiKandidato caravan, where an e-jeep roamed the streets of Manila to rally the people to discuss legitimate issues on the final stretch of the campaign season. One of the volunteers who joined the program is actor and satirist Rodolfo ‘Jun’ Sabayton, who uses his influence to urge the youth to speak up and have meaningful discussions about the issues that affect their daily lives. “I have nothing to offer but my name and my actions. This election will be decided not just by the people who will cast their votes, but will also be equally decided by the apathetic, the cynical, and the uninformed. Right now, our primary duty is to educate, to discuss and, more importantly, to act and get everyone onboard as we cast our votes for a hopefully better future,” said Sabayton.

More scholars expected in June 2019 in Cagayan de Oro, dad says with optimism

April 29, 2019

CAGAYAN de Oro City--Councilor Jay R. Pascual, vice chair of City Council committee on education, said he is optimistic that there will be an increase in the number of city scholars in the coming school year in June 2019. In a radio program aired last Thursday, Pascual reiterated his full support to the city government’s educational plans and programs, which can be availed of by the scholars. The 18th City Council headed by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy enacted Ordinance No. 13362-2018, providing for the City Scholarship Code. Authored by Councilors Suzette Magtajas-Daba and Ian Mark Nacaya, the ordinance provides different scholarship programs for students. These include performance-based, income-based, College Financial Assistance, Research Grants and Graduate Course types. SPORTS The councilor encourages all students to involve and spend their summer vacation in outdoor sports activities. He said this is better and more educational than internet games. “Labaw sa tanan, malikay pa gyud sila sa mga dautang bisyo sama sa droga,” Pascual added. Meanwhile, as the chair of the committee on tourism, he expressed his gratitude to the city government for supporting the discovery and development of various tourist spots in the city. “Malaumon ako nga sa umaabot nga mga katuigan dili lang ang atong water river rafting maoy gibantog ug naila nga tourist destination kun dili lakip na ang mga waterfalls ug uban pa,” he cited. (SP/JAO)

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

April 28, 2019

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Oca, Klarex, Rufus, Kikang lead XU survey

April 26, 2019

REELECTIONIST Mayor Oscar Moreno, reelectionist first district Rep. Rolando Uy, former Rep. Rufus Rodriguez (second district) and reelectionist Vice Mayor Rainier Joaquin Uy led the much awaited survey commissioned by Xavier University. Kinaadman, the research arm of Xavier University, released the survey results Friday, April 26. Of the four top local candidates, three belong to the administration party PDP-Laban. Only Rodriguez belong to the challenging party PaDayon Pilipino-CDP. At the mayoralty level, survey results showed the incumbent Mayor Moreno of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino - Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) leading Jose Gabriel La Vina of Padayon Pilipino. Moreno had a voter preference of 61.5%, and a statistical ranking of first place, followed by La Vina with a voter preference of 16.0% and independent candidates Felix Frias Borres (0.6 %,) and Benjamin Tiu Contreras (0.3%.) Undecided voters accounted for 21.4%, while 0.2% had no response. The margin of error was at ±3.4 percentage points with 95% confidence level. Moreno’s running mate Uy (PDP-Laban) likewise topped voters preference for Vice Mayor with 55.0%, followed by former mayor Vicente Emano (Padayon Pilipino) with 23.6%. Undecided voters accounted for 21.3%, while 0.1% had no response. The margin of error was at ±3.4 percentage points with 95% confidence level. In District 1, incumbent Rep. Uy (PDP-Laban) had a voter preference of 66.1%, followed by Caesar Ian Acenas (Padayon Pilipino) with 16.4% and Gil Banaag (PFP) with 1.9%. Undecided voters were at 15.6%. The margin of error was at ± 4.7 percentage points with 95% confidence level. In District 2, Rodriguez (CDP) was picked by of 59.2% of the survey respondents, followed by Alam Lim (PDP-Laban) with 19.4% and Roger Villazorda (PFP) with 0.9%. 15.9% of the voters were undecided, while 3.1% had no response as to their preference for a congressman. The margin of error was at ± 4.7 percentage points with 95% confidence level. Of the 13 city councilor contenders with a statistical chance of winning in District 1, 8 came from PDP-Laban while four are from Padayon Pilipino and one from Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP). Ranked from 1st -to-7th  were (in alphabetical order based on surname) Roger Abaday (PDP- Laban), Romeo Calizo (PDP-Laban), Reuben Roa Daba (PDP-Laban), Inday Dahino (PDP- Laban), George Goking (PDP-Laban), Zaldy Ocon (PDP-Laban), and Jay Pascual (PDP- Laban). The margin of error was at ± 4.9 percentage points with 95% confidence level. Voters in the 2nd District also preferred PDP-Laban bets in the city council. Of the 13 candidates with a statistical chance of winning, seven were PDP-Laban, with four from Padayon Pilipino and two from Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines (CDP). In rank 1-7 were (in alphabetical order based on surname) Jun Acenas (Padayon Pilipino), . Edgar Cabanlas (PDP-Laban), Malou Gaane (PDP-Laban), Bong Lao (PDP-Laban), Ian Mark Nacaya (PDP-Laban), Eric Salcedo (PDP-Laban), and Ramon Tabor (Padayon Pilipino). The margin of error was at ± 4.7 percentage points with 95% confidence level. A total of 49 candidates (26 from the First District and 23 from the Second District) are gunning for 16 coveted spots in the city council. The Kinaadman survey was conducted among 800 registered voters using systematic random sampling from April 4 to 11. Candidates who trailed in the survey rushed to assure their supporters. "Results is a surprise as it is inconsistent with all other survey like our own and other surveys, dili na mao ang importante ang importante gasaka kita gakaubos siya," mayoral bet La Viña said. "We will exert more efforts... we will win. It would be close fight," second district congressional bet Lim for his part, said.

Misor guv, Ayala officials lead groundbreaking of Laguindingan Technopark

April 25, 2019

MISAMIS Oriental Gov. Yevgeny Vincente Emano and officials from Ayala Land led the groundbreaking Wednesday (April 25, 2019) of the P172-billion Laguindingan Technopark in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. Present alongside the governor during the momentous occasion were Philippine Economic Zones Authority (PEZA) director-general Charito Plaza, Laguindingan Mayor Diosdado Obsioma, AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. president Rowena Tomeldan, AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. director Nathanael Co, Ayala Land, Inc. COO for Vismin Jun Bisnar, Ayala Land, Inc. AVP for Vismin Rico Manuel and AyalaLand Logistics Holdings Corp. head Patrick John Avila. Laguindingan Technopark is a 1-million square-meter property spanning the two barangays of Moog and Tubajon being marked for mixed-use development with focus on IT-related industries under the supervision of PEZA. In her speech, Plaza said the thrust of PEZA is to ensure that Laguindingan Technopark will not just cater to industries but will also set aside space for commercial and residential use as well. For his part, Emano said the Misamis Oriental will always be in gratitude to AyalaLand, Inc. for putting the province in the national spotlight. At full development, Laguindingan Technopark is expected to generate approximately 5,000 jobs to primarily benefit the local residents. Catering to light to medium industries, it is envisioned to be the new logistics hub in the Philippines due to its strategic location as the gateway between Mindanao and Luzon-Visayas. This development aims to take advantage of the projected positive momentum of the Philippine economy and the local business property market, according to Tomeldan. Plaza welcomed Tomeldan’s statement, saying it is now the thrust of PEZA to decongest Metro Manila and make industries boom in the countryside such as here in Misamis Orinetal. “Laguindingan Technopark will be a catalyst in the economic development not just of the municipality but will trickle down to neighboring towns, drawing in local businesses leading to more job opportunities,” Emano added in. “Aside from direct employment, people around the area will also benefit as they put up business that will cater to the needs of the locator-companies.”


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