Initao police honors single mothers during Valentine's Day

By Divina M. Suson, Correspondent
February 17, 2020


INITAO, Misamis Oriental--Police here serenaded on Friday (February 14) employees of the local government unit (LGU) who are 'singles' or not in a relationship and solo parents or unmarried mothers to honor them on Valentine's Day.

After singing a song entitled Valentine, popularized by Jim Brickman and Martina Bride, a police officer threw 'hugot' lines and gave flowers to a woman they intended to honor.

Captain Dino Magno, chief of Initao Municipal Police Station, said his office came up with the idea of honoring single mothers to lighten up their Valentine's Day.

"Many of them did not have partners who will give them flowers or chocolates perhaps for several years. Atleast they will go home not empty handed," Magno said.

Jessie Acut, a staff at the municipal mayor's office, said she was delighted to have been serenaded and have received flowers on Valentine's Day.

"This is my first time in three years that I received flowers on Valentine's Day," Acut, mother of five, who have been separated from her husband for 17 years, said.

Amee Bagares, officer-in-charge of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development, who has been single mother for 14 years.

She was smiling as he received flowers from a police who threw her a hugot line.

But the highlight of their giving of Valentine presents is to surprise Vivian Magno, the wife of Senior Master Sergeant Jason Magno, the police officer who died after covering a grenade with his body, shielding a crowd from its explosion at the Initao College on November last year.

Jason, the younger brother of Dino, was awarded by President Duterte medal of valor.

Vivian celebrates her 41st birthday on February 14 for the first time without Jason.

On February 15, Jason will also celebrates his 47th birthday.

Vivian did not able to contain her tears when colleagues of her late husband started singing to her birthday song when she arrived at the police station around 10:00 o'clock in the morning on Friday.

She went to the police station to get the police clearance her eldest son applied as requirement for his entry to the Philippine National Police Academy (PNP).

"I am surprised and at the same time I am happy that Jason's former colleagues did not forget my birthday. This reminds me of Jason's attitude that he would never spend for his birthday because he would prefer spending for others' like mine or his children than his," Vivian said crying.

Jason was known by his colleagues as thoughful and kind who did not let special occasions like Valentine's Day passed without giving something to his colleagues and close to him according to Dino.

"This is some sort of remembering him," Dino said of his younger brother who was considered hero for saving the lives of several students in exchange of his.



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