Hogs in Misamis Oriental ASF free

By CRIS DIAZ, Mindanao Daily News Online
February 11, 2020


MISAMIS Oriental--Hogs and swine in this capital province of Northern Mindanao are still free of the dreaded Africa Swine Fever (ASF), an official said Friday.

Benjie Resma, head of the provincial veterinary office, said that the provincial government has been closely monitoring the hog industry here since the presence of the ASF was confirmed in the country last year.

Resma issued the statement to allay fears and assure buyers from the Visayas region that the hogs and pork products coming from Misamis Oriental are free of ASF contamination.  

“We are closely monitoring the hog raisers in the province, especially the “backyard” raisers, which could be vulnerable,” Resma said.

He said the monitoring became intense following the banning of the hogs and swine coming the neighboring provinces of Davao, particularly Davao Occidental.

Provincial Governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano has ordered a total ban of all hog products coming from the Davao region, Resma said.

He said that the province of Bukidnon along with Misamis Oriental are the two major hog raisers in Northern Mindanao.

“We have deployed several teams in the boarders Misamis Oriental to be on guard of the possible entry of contaminated hog products in the province,” Resma said.

Resma said that there are seven major hog raisers in Misamis Oriental that supply the requirements of the provinces of Leyte and Samar.

According to Resma, the province of Leyte and Samar has issued a ban of all hog and swine products in Mindanao following the outbreak of ASF in Davao.

Resma said that the provincial government sent a letter to the provinces of Leyte and Samar to lift the ban with an assurance that Misamis Oriental is free of ASF.



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