foodpanda treats its riders with special Christmas package

December 21, 2020

SPECIAL XMAS PACKAGE FOR FOODPANDA RIDERS   The country’s on-demand food delivery service takes care of its riders this holiday season by giving them a special Noche Buena package as appreciation for their hard work and dedication this year 2020.   When the first lockdown orders were laid down in March, food and grocery delivery suddenly transformed from a measure of convenience to a matter of necessity. Braving the frontline were these pink shirt-wearing modern heroes, who fulfilled their duties in order for customers to stay safe at home. These acts of sacrifices and hard work were recognized by foodpanda, thus, as a show of gratitude for their service and to make Christmas with their families a little more special, the rider fleet received a special delivery from foodpanda this holiday season.   “foodpanda believes that its greatest asset is its people,” said Daniel Marogy, foodpanda Philippines Managing Director. “We care and value our riders’ hard work and dedication in delivering quality service to our customers, and we would like to give back this Christmas by providing them a noche buena package for them to enjoy with their families. foodpanda's serious commitment to taking care of its communities and celebrating the dreamers truly make it one of the best companies to work for.” The special Christmas gift packs were repackaged by foodpanda employees themselves in Metro Manila, Bacolod, and Cagayan de Oro. A thousand of riders across the country received the Noche Buena package, which was just the latest of the many gifts that foodpanda extends to its riders.   Well-equipped and protected modern heroes foodpanda shares an exhilarating passion to make the delivery experience better with its riders. Aligned with the company’s ultimate goal of improving the lives of entire communities, riders dream big and work hard every day.  The ethic of a caring workplace is a source of pride for foodpanda, wherein riders can come to work and feel safe, secure, and welcomed.   They are motivated to perform at their peak through the economic empowerment from foodpanda, which gives them opportunities to earn and financially sustain their families. foodpanda also ensures that their riders are well-equipped to perform their delivery duties, from covering insurance policies to providing communications allowance to distributing essential gears for smooth and safe deliveries, including raincoats and face masks, among others. Through foodpanda's platform, riders are also able to create a difference in their communities with regular social work events and emergency response initiatives.   What the next year will look like on the other side is unknown, but as foodpanda continues to innovate, customers and riders can look forward to brighter opportunities ahead. With foodpanda, genuine care, dependability, and a sense of community are the cornerstone of its success. To be part of this special family this Christmas season and beyond, download the foodpanda app now. For more inspiring stories and to be part of foodpanda team, visit https://rider.foodpanda.ph/.

foodpanda reaches 100th city in the Philippines, celebrates milestone with an exciting promo

December 16, 2020

The country’s on-demand food delivery service hits the century mark   Delivering on its promise to serve more Filipinos nationwide, foodpanda Philippines announces its biggest milestone to date with the opening of its 100th location in the country.   “This month is a celebration of our growing foodpanda family here in the Philippines,” said Daniel Marogy, foodpanda Philippines Managing Director. “Let us raise our glasses—or food orders, if you will—to foodpanda Philippines’s 100-location milestone, it’s the type of achievement that inspires us to work harder and bring our services to even more locations around the country.”   foodpanda marks the occasion with a motorcade featuring local riders and the unveiling of the 100th City Marker, replete with pink pyro musicals and an official lighting ceremony. The branded installation is to be placed on-ground for iconicity to mark as foodpanda Philippines’ 100th City.   First to 100 in APAC Having reached triple digits in local location count, the Philippines now enjoys the distinction of being the first and only Asia Pacific (APAC) country to have foodpanda available in 100 localmarkets. While this year has definitely brought challenges, foodpanda pays homage to the food and beverage industry by opening up opportunities, particularly to small businesses in different local areas.   foodpanda was launched in the Philippines in 2014 and introduced Filipinos to the brand’s “three Cs” of food delivery service that makes life easy for users. The first C is “comfort,” where all the time and energy that goes into buying food personally are reduced to simple on-screen scrolls and taps. Another is “convenience,” with food and goods delivered in just 20 minutes or less. The last one is “customer perks and rewards,” as foodpanda often offers free deliveries and unmatched food discounts.   “The tremendous growth of foodpanda in the Philippines is a testament to the relationship between the Filipinos’ deep-rooted love for food and the company’s brand of quick and simple delivery service,” said Argie Muyco, foodpanda Philippines Head of Expansion. “Being available in 100 cities means sharing our services and opening our doors to 100 communities around the country. We intend to introduce foodpanda to more locations to get more food and goods delivered, as well as to create new jobs and support local food establishments, especially during these challenging times.”   With exceptional, record-breaking service and a big heart to match, be sure to join the expanding foodpanda family by downloading the app now for free.   About foodpanda: foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers their favorite meals from curated local restaurants in the Philippines. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 170,000 partner restaurants in more than 325 cities across 13 Asian and Central Europe foodpanda Philippines currently operates in more than 50 cities across the Philippines and continuously expanding. foodpanda is a subsidiary under Delivery Hero, a worldwide leader in the food delivery industry. For more information visit www.foodpanda.ph   How it works: Through the foodpanda website or via the new iOS and Android apps, customers can enter their address and view a curated list of restaurants and shops serving their neighborhood. Once they have found their choice, they can place an order in the comfort of their home or office, paying online through foodpanda’s secure platform or via cash-on-delivery The order is then carefully prepared by the restaurant or shop, picked up by the foodpanda rider, and delivered straight to their doorstep.   Follow us on: Facebook: foodpandaphilippines Twitter: foodpanda_ph Instagram: foodpanda_ph  

A brighter, more hopeful Christmas with Coca-Cola

December 16, 2020

Making the holidays brighter in every corner of the country After more than eight months of pandemic-induced lockdowns and more recently, a clutch of deadly typhoons, many Filipinos have understandably been hard-pressed finding reasons to celebrate Christmas this year. However, the rituals with which we welcome the season still offer people some comfort and hope amid the considerable challenges that 2020 has wrought. As an iconic presence on Filipino tables, particularly during the holidays, Coca-Cola continues to serve its mission of uplifting spirits and bringing people together. From lighting up all of its manufacturing sites across the Philippines in an undeniable celebration of Christmas , to deploying bright red Santa trucks illuminating the roads they traverse to delivering the beverages that have become a mainstay of Filipino culture; from distributing bright red Coca-Cola “parols” transforming sari-sari stores into beacons of Christmas cheer, to helping communities restart and rebuild lives— this year,  Coca-Cola seeks to spark a sense of togetherness and kindle a renewed hope for brighter days ahead.  A ray of hope for micro-retailers The Philippines has over a million sari-sari stores nationwide, one in almost every corner of the community—and they have been one of the hardest-hit industries this 2020. According to a survey conducted by the Philippine Association of Sari-Sari Store and Carinderia Owners (PASCO), 42% of sari-sari stores and 75% of carinderias were forced to close during the hard lockdown, while others have had to drastically downsize their operations by as much as 90%. At the height of the pandemic, Coca-Cola Philippines saw this as an opportunity to help bring the light back for these micro-retailers in order to help them recover. In partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other agencies, the Rebuilding Sari-Sari Stores Through Access to Resources and Trade (ReSTART) Program was launched. “We want to create programs that will allow our partners to recover and restart their livelihoods in light of the challenges they’ve had to face, and which will give them ample support as they pursue future ventures,” said Jonah De Lumen-Pernia, Coca-Cola Philippines Director of Public Affairs and Sustainability. “By helping out micro-entrepreneurs, who are such an integral part of the Filipino way of life, we’re contributing to building stronger communities.” With a Php 157-million support fund, the ReSTART Program is designed to help over 15,000 micro-retailers to reopen safely and confidently. The program also prepares these micro-retailers to operate and sustain their livelihood in the new normal, through online training and resources as well as advocating for safe stores to meet safety and health protocol requirements. Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI), the bottling arm of Coca-Cola in the country, has also recently partnered with the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) to help 400 COVID-affected sari-sari store owners by providing them with retailer packs worth Php 10,000―Php 3,000 of which are Coca-Cola products. CCBPI has also extended its support to its distribution partners through flexible credit policies and incentives during the community lockdowns, when limited mobility, shortage of manpower, and tight cash flow have crippled operations.  Rebuilding businesses, reuniting families With more than 285,000 overseas Filipino workers unexpectedly and suddenly repatriated, and unsure of what future awaits them here, Coca-Cola, DOLE-OWWA, NCRO, TESDA, and DTI partnered to deliver the OFW Reintegration through Skills and Entrepreneurship (OFW RISE) Program. The OFW Rise Program offers former OFWs with entrepreneurship modules and one-on-one coaching toward starting their own businesses, with the opportunity to become exclusive Coca-Cola distributors.  De Lumen-Pernia shares, “Forced to return to the Philippines because of the pandemic, our balikbayans need support to help them restart in the country. We recognized that most of them want to establish their own businesses—to thrive here at home and continue fulfilling their dreams, but this time, in the company of their families. We would be able to help them do so through the OFW Rise program, especially given the multi-stakeholder collaboration that made it possible.” Coca-Cola has also intensified its Balik Pinas program at the national level, expanding its scale and coverage this year to reach more OFWs whose livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic. With the initiative, the Company has been lending training and assistance to former OFWs seeking to become business owners as Coca-Cola distributors or wholesalers. Since its expansion, the program has launched new and mostly family-run businesses, with full support from a global beverage brand. “The difficulty of this year cannot be understated and we at Coca-Cola want to help ensure that Filipinos can face the future on steadier footing. This is why we’ve continued and intensified investments in the country and have launched initiatives like Balik Pinas for returning OFWs. Coca-Cola will continue to support and contribute to the country's recovery” says Gareth McGeown, President and CEO of CCBPI.  A bright and constant presence in communities Coca-Cola is ensuring that it remains a force of good in the communities that have welcomed it and which have served as its home for decades. From taking care of its own people, to continuous investments in the Philippines, to helping micro-retailers and OFWs rebuild and restart; from taking part in relief efforts to both ease the effects of the pandemic and to aid those affected by natural calamities, to lighting up its manufacturing sites across the country and its trucks—Coca-Cola will always be with every Filipino.  Across the Philippines, Coca-Cola has lit up all of its 19 manufacturing sites and has deployed to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao over 60 bright red Santa Trucks outlined by lights—a visible token of gratitude to Filipinos and a small way of spreading cheer to the people and neighborhoods they meet in their fulfillment of delivering happiness across the country.  “For more than a hundred years now, Coca-Cola has been a constant presence in Filipino households, especially during the holidays.” add McGeown. “With the recent economic hardships arising from the pandemic and the destructive typhoons, the Company is making its positive presence felt much stronger and in even more meaningful ways to reach and touch the lives of as many Filipinos as possible.” For Christmas, Coca-Cola shares a hope with every Filipino: that each and every one of us continues to be with our truest and brightest lights—family, friends, loved ones—in this holiday season and beyond.

It's a holiday sale at H&i Health and Beauty

December 15, 2020

1) Can you enumerate all the variants of your products?   “H&i ORGANIC FOOD LINE PRODUCTS “   Organic chocolate Bar Artisan with 4 Flavors: *Organic Dark Chocolate bar Artisan  *Organic White Chocolate bar Artisan  *Organic Milk Chocolate bar Artisan  *Organic Pink/Red Dragonfruit chocolate   bar Artisan    The Extension my “Newest product CHOCOLATE BLEND POPCORN WITH ALMOND NUTS” comes with two packaging the *TASTE POUCH and Premium Tin Cans . With 3 flavors  *White Chocolate Blend Popcorn with  Almond Nuts *DarkChocolate Blend Popcorn with Almond Nuts *Milk Chocolate Blend Popcorn with almond Nuts    *Thai Style RedHot Sauce 50ml & 100ml  *Thai Style Hot&Spicy Sweet Chili Sauce    2) How did you come up with all the flavors of your products? Have you undergone training?   I come up with all the Idea because  I  like to eat chocolates with different flavors also the  hot sauces Thats why I came up to that idea  of creating it . I have been undergone training for pastries  baking before a long time ago .   3) You also have hot sauce, kinsa nag-formulate sa ingredients ani?   I am the one who create the idea of formulating the  hot sauce because I love to eat spicy sauce especially from Thailand products it is actually inspired from Thailand.  I combined it with Thai chilis and red Devil pepper .    4) One interesting product you have is product. Why popcorn? Patok ba sa pandemic ang popcorn?    The newest product that I launch is popcorn actually I came to this idea because of my existing CHOCOLATES Bar Artisan Flavors so this is only the extension sa Chocolate Bars  .and also now a days na pandemic I have seen it  patok Kaayu ang foods now that’s why I created the H&i food line products.    5) Where are you selling? CDO lang or Manila? Do you accept resellers? Or online tanan? What's the number or Facebook page or app to book? Are you available too in local retail outlets?   I'm open for resellers and wholesale prices . I can ship the products all around the Philippines with no minimum order required. I’m selling it all around the Philippines also . My Facebook page is — H&i Health and Beauty . Contact number #09175031125 . App to book available at SHOPEE, Gutom ka express cdo , Maxim and  soon food panda cdo app .   6) What month exactly that you start the business?   I started the business this year , month of October.    7) Your original brand was H&i Health and Beauty. Do we expect beauty products too soon?   Yes . I have skincare products also soon.

Cucina Higala marks 4th Anniversary with all-new New Normal All-Time Filipino Take-Outs

December 1, 2020

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all from your favorite Filipino Heritage Restaurant, they pop another surprise just in time for the Christmas season! Cucina Higala's latest All Time favorite Filipino dishes on take outs are perfect for those Christmas gatherings! Individually packed and easy to distribute they’re perfect for those intimate gatherings with relatives and friends without jeopardizing the minimum health standards we have to cope with under the New Normal. Featuring four of your favorite all-time Filipino dishes, they come with the celebrated Cucina Higala taste in four very affordable combos in keeping with the prices of the times:  Kare-Kare with Rice ( P150/tub ), Sisig with Rice (P135), Chicken BBQ in Java Rice (P135) and Lumpiang Shanghai in Beef Fried Rice (P135 ). Not only are they perfect for those Christmas gatherings but also go well with  office meetings, reunions, and virtual conferences . Call 09177946118 for your bookings but call early lest you miss the last order of the day. In commemoration of Cucina Higala’s 4th Anniversary, Jan and Maggie Uy extended their thanks and appreciation to their loyal clientele. “Cucina Higala is where it is now because of the support and kind encouraging words from everyone who dined, ordered, enjoyed all our dishes. We are just proud that we are able to bring the best of Mindanao cuisine to the world ! Thank you very much for being with us  in the last 4 years !” Some of Cucina’s local celebrity clientele extended their greetings on Cucina’s 4th Anniversary. “I keep on bringing my family and visitors here because I like the ambience of the place and the food is really good, said Dr Pio D. Baconga, President and CEO of Pilgrim Christian College. “Safety protocols are strictly observed and the crew is very accommodating. I like their Tuna Flakes salad for my appetizer and I love their Chicken Surol Camiguin Style!” Collector John Simon, Head of the Bureau of Customs External Affairs Office, is more straightforward: “I chose Cucina Higala because it is the best restaurant in the entire Northern Mindanao.” Not the least, Mayor Oscar S. Moreno, a habitue who frequently holds his executive meetings here, expressed his plaudits for Cucina Hagala: “Food is nice and yummy with many choices to choose from. Location and service is good. Adequate parking space and it’s near to almost everywhere. The ambience is very appetizing. As long as standards and protocols are observed we are safe. Cucina Higala has introduced so many things to Kagay-an cuisine. Thank you for believing in Cagayan de Oro and Happy Anniversary!”

Building a Recession-proof business through Health, Beauty and Wellness

November 30, 2020

Davao City, Philippines - In times of pandemic, safety and security for you and your loved ones take utmost precedence. Fortunately, the internet has opened massive opportunities to learn and to apply the knowledge from the safety of your home.   We often hear the importance of generating multiple income streams that can positively impact your finances and life quality. With the current scenario of decreased job security and uncertainty in your primary income source, having a secondary income source takes priority and should be pursued with added vigor.   In looking for a secondary source of income, some key points should be considered, especially in these times when movement and interaction are minimal. The source of income must be Flexible, Scalable, Sustainable, and Enjoyable.   All these can be found in RED FOOTPRINT, a Stem Cell Therapy center and Business Consultancy organization that aims to share hope and inspiration to people looking to expand their opportunities.   A rapidly growing organization, RED FOOTPRINT is also an online training and business hub that helps develop leadership potential through a proven international platform. It allows people to view business from a new perspective and provides them an opportunity to build their own business at their own time and pace.   Together with RIWAY INTERNATIONAL's oral live cell therapy and luxury skincare products, it provides a sustainable income-generating business model that can be done online and offline.   With the flagship product PURTIER Placenta, which has been dubbed "the Rolls-Royce of health supplements," RIWAY has created a revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare and exceeded all expectations through extensive research and development.   PURTIER Placenta combines 11 ingredients synergistically working together with deer placenta, improving the supplement's efficacy and age-defying effects and making it the perfect and only health supplement you ever need.   RED FOOTPRINT has already changed many lives around the country. It's time we help you change your life, too! The organization has proven that passion and determination, coupled with persistence and vision, can create success!   CEO Mr. Rex Bugcalao and his wife Gina Bugcalao started Red Footprint in July 2020, intending to provide a platform for people willing to learn and start their own business during the pandemic.   It was Bugcalao’s experience that prodded him to start the company. He worked with several big companies like Aboitiz Power and Davao Light and Power Company, but after resigning he and his family faced financial difficulties. It came to the point where Rex had to work as a taxi driver to provide for his family.   The experience taught the Bugcalao couple to be generous to others. They started the company not out of personal gain but in order to help others in their pursuit of success. To accomplish their goals, the couple invited some sought-after leaders to become partners and mentors.   In a few short months, Red Footprint has established an aggressive digital presence, providing free daily Zoom events, creating an online website and pages, and making itself accessible on social media. The company also started a closed group that has over 1,500 members as of writing.   Red Footprint has also taken the group to the next level by developing a mobile app which the members can use to easily access shared documents, scan through the different available events, find answers to frequently asked questions, and  connect with other group members.   In the coming year, Red Footprint's goal is to be the loudest, biggest, and strongest business consultant organization in the country. So if you want to be part of this milestone, join us now and be part of Red Footprint!


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