AC Health, Qualimed host ceremonial vaccination, first outside Metro Manila to receive AstraZeneca doses

March 9, 2021

Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health) launched a vaccination drive for its doctors and healthcare workers at QualiMed Hospital Sta. Rosa, the first hospital outside of Metro Manila to receive doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines. A total of 600 AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines were provided by the Inter-Agency Task Force and the Department of Health, in collaboration with the local government of Laguna. All 600 doses have been allocated to volunteer recipients.      The ceremonial vaccination led by Fernando Zobel de Ayala, President and COO of Ayala Corporation, and Paolo Borromeo, President and CEO of AC Health, is a precursor to COVIDShield – AC Health’s large-scale COVID-19 vaccination initiative in support of the Philippine National Vaccine Deployment Program. The QualiMed Health Network was represented by Dr. Edwin Mercado, Vice-Chairman of QualiMed’s founding group Mercado General Hospital, Inc. (MGHI), and Jimmy Ysmael, President and CEO of the QualiMed Health Network. Also in attendance were Sec. Carlito Galvez, Jr., Chief Implementer of the National Taskforce Against COVID-19, Sec. Vince Dizon, Deputy Chief Implementer, Sta. Rosa Mayor Arlene Arcillas, Dr. Aleli Sudiacal, DOH Director III for Field Implementation and Coordination, and Dr. Noel Pasion, DOH Region IV Local Health Support Division Chief.      “The Ayala Group and AC Health have always been strong supporters of the National Vaccine Deployment Program. I am delighted to see all the efforts of the government and private sector come to fruition with the launching of the National Vaccine Program. Moreover, it has been encouraging to see other healthcare institutions support the IATF’s and DOH’s efforts. This gives me hope that in addition to providing much-needed protection for individuals, the vaccines will eventually reduce the burden to our healthcare system, stem disease transmission, and accelerate the path to recovery for our country,” said Fernando Zobel de Ayala, President and COO of Ayala Corporation.      “We are honored and privileged to have been included by the DOH and IATF as first recipients outside of Metro Manila for the AstraZeneca vaccines, as well as some doses of the Sinovac vaccines. Our healthcare workers are extremely grateful to be given this additional layer of protection, and we hope this will also encourage more Filipinos to be vaccinated too. For our part, we look forward to contributing to the country’s vaccination efforts as we gear up for large-scale administration. We have identified and are setting up nearly 20 mega-sites nationwide with a goal to administer 1,000,000 doses by 2021,” said Paolo Borromeo, President and CEO of AC Health.      Through COVIDShield, AC Health has combined the extensive resources of QualiMed, Healthway, and HealthNow to offer an end-to-end COVID-19 vaccination program, which complements public sector efforts to vaccinate majority of Filipinos by the end of the year. HealthNow, powered by AC Health’s Vigos Health and Globe’s 917Ventures, is a primary care platform that offers telemedicine consultations, online medicine ordering and delivery, and clinic and diagnostic testing booking. It will serve as the platform for masterlisting, prioritization, screening, and scheduling, aligned with government standards and systems. The platform will also maintain patient records, produce vaccination passports, report adverse reactions, and perform data analytics. QualiMed and Healthway will lead the administration of vaccines, in line with DOH and LGU guidelines. QualiMed Sta. Rosa is part of QualiMed Health Network, the healthcare chain whose majority ownership was recently acquired by AC Health through its subsidiary Healthway Philippines, Inc.      The first to be vaccinated during the event were key doctors of QualiMed, led by Dr. Edwin Mercado, Dr. Manuel Francisco Roxas, Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs of MGHI, Dr. Lilibeth Maravilla, Medical Director of QualiMed Sta. Rosa, and Dr. Gina Nazareth, Consultant for Patient Safety and Quality Management, QualiMed Health Network.      “Participation in this program is a vital exercise for our healthcare teams in promoting COVID vaccine acceptance. By vaccinating ourselves, we are not only protecting our teams but our patients as well. To succeed against this pandemic, vaccination is crucial in providing safer and more reliable healthcare to our patients,” said Jimmy Ysmael, newly-appointed President and CEO of the QualiMed Health Network.      Vaccination of healthcare teams and other front liners under the Ayala Group and the AC Health network will continue in the following months, pending the delivery of procured vaccines from manufacturers and the allocation of vaccines by the national government.

How a fresh start turned this fresh graduate's life around

March 7, 2021

They say the world is full of opportunities once you graduate from college, that when you set foot in the real world, many doors will start opening as a new chapter of your life unfolds. However, this is not quite the reality that most fresh graduates face today. More often than not, they encounter issues of underemployment and limited employment opportunities. And with the pandemic still underfoot causing the highest unemployment rate in years, many are left wondering about their chances in the job market amidst the new normal. Ermel Abonales, a recent Public Administration graduate from Davao City, didn’t allow these hurdles to stop him from going after his dreams. The 22-year-old took matters into his own hands and began a new journey to a promising future by becoming an insurance entrepreneur as a financial advisor of AIA Philam Life, which gave him the opportunity to have a better life for his family.  However, the path to success wasn’t easy. “My family is from the Bagobo tribe and I have nine siblings. My grandfather didn’t want me to continue my schooling because he needed me to help till our rice field,” he recalls. “But because of my desire to finish college, I got multiple jobs to pay for my education. I even became a houseboy and a call center agent at some point.” Through sheer hard work and determination, he landed a scholarship which supported his college education, while at the same time taking on leadership roles in university. “It wasn’t easy but I learned how to manage my time. There were many instances I was on the verge of losing hope but it was too early for me to give up,” he added.  Ermel dreamt of serving people and initially wanted to go into public service as soon as he finished college, but things didn't go his way. This decision to become a financial advisor came at a turning point in his life when his grandfather died from a long-term illness. Coming from a poor family, they didn’t have much except for a rice field which they had to mortgage to buy medicine and pay their debts. The episode frustrated Ermel, and driven by his helplessness, he resolved to be part of a financial institution so he can do his share in addressing financial illiteracy among Filipinos, somehow still aligned with his dream of serving people.   The Road to Success   After his graduation from college, Ermel attended a business opportunity program hosted by AIA Philam Life. “I realized being in the insurance industry is a noble profession which can make a big impact on a person’s life, where one truly feels they can make a remarkable difference,” he said. “As a Financial Advisor of AIA Philam Life, I was able to embark on a meaningful entrepreneurial journey,” Ermel shares. As a fresh graduate without the benefit of a strong network, he relied on an ambush approach to build his clientele. “For example, I will go to the public market then buy something from a business owner. I ask how business is doing and lead to inquiring about how they will protect their business from life's uncertainties. That's the time I pull up my income protection concept which shows how protecting yourself also protects your business.” This drove him to be one of the top rookies of AIA Philam Life.  But more than hitting his business targets, Ermel sees this as an opportunity to advocate protection and save lives. “By being insured, you have the ability to prepare for anything that may happen in the future—be it illness, hospitalization, retirement, or even death. You can think of it as fool-proof protection for you and your loved ones, much like how a body armor protects a soldier during the most threatening situations. It can also help support housing payments and current living expenses and help fund the college education of your children or grandchildren. Life insurance provides cash when it's needed the most.”   A Rewarding Business   In less than a year, Ermel was able to build a house for his family and own his first car. And with the entrepreneurial spirit cultivated by his role as a Financial Advisor, he was encouraged to open a chicken restaurant with his family from his earnings. He continues to be inspired by AIA Philam Life’s mission to race against risk and protect every Filipino family. He hopes to become a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the internationally recognized standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business, and one of the top agency leaders in the country, managing his own team of insurance entrepreneurs. “I am confident in the direction that the brand is taking. And guided by our purpose and mission, I know that it will help me achieve my dreams and goals in life.” He is grateful he found a business which is both financially rewarding and emotionally fulfilling, driven by a sense of purpose, all while making his dreams come true. “I once aspired to become a barangay captain because I really wanted to help people with passion and firm governance, but this career has allowed me to serve others through our company’s mission to save lives.” Ermel encourages fresh graduates like him to build a fulfilling business with AIA Philam Life and educate more Filipinos in protecting themselves, managing their finances, and in the end, helping them live healthier, longer, and better lives. “They need someone to talk to who can make them understand the importance of getting insured. I think it’s time to educate people and promote understanding about protecting themselves from life’s many uncertainties. What will happen in the future is unpredictable. An insurance entrepreneur may make a positive difference in a client's life without noticing he is also changing and improving his standard of living while achieving his personal goals and desires. Take it from me.” AIA Philam Life welcomes aspiring insurance entrepreneurs to be part of their purpose-driven business that will give them the power to change their lives and the lives of others. With AIA Philam Life’s solid franchise business model, future financial advisors can leverage on their strong brand, world-class training, and state-of-the-art digital platforms that allow them to provide seamless service to their clients so they can live healthier, longer, and better lives. Click here to know more about becoming an AIA Philam Life insurance entrepreneur and join the Business Opportunity Program. For more information on AIA Philam Life, check out the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AIAPhilamLife/, email philamlife@aia.com or call (02)8528-2000.

IDC Pushing for Excellent Corporate Governance

March 6, 2021

Formed from the meeting between a multi-awarded Italian architect and Filipino lawyer, both passionate promoters of sustainable development, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) is a real estate development firm dedicated to developing high-performance properties in growing cities in the Philippines. With its unique design philosophy, IDC™ is committed to top quality properties which are in harmony with the environment, and to bringing value to investors, end-users, and the community. Last February 12, 2021, IDC's Chairman & CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati, together with the company's President, Atty. Jose D. Leviste III, joined the New Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies and Registered Issuers event. The event was organized by the Center of Global Best Practices with the theme "Enhancing Global Competitiveness Through Best Practices''. "Good governance is a core value for IDC.  We believe that good corporate governance is essential not only for our business and operations, but also to holding the public's faith and confidence in the corporate leaders," said Arch. Romolo V. Nati, IDC's Chairman & CEO. THE CENTRAL BODY of IDC As the center of IDC’s corporate governance structure together with the Chairman/CEO and President, the Board of Directors is a diverse assembly of competencies and professional strengths, including technical, financial, social, legal, and demographic fields of expertise, among others. “Adherence to good corporate governance principles is essential for the achievement of our strategic goals. This event strengthens IDC’s existing measures to continually optimize its levels of awareness and its standard practices. This reinforces value creation and long-term growth,” added Atty. Leviste. IDC's mission is to provide unique, innovative and sustainable real estate products that exceed the expectations of our customers, business partners, and stockholders.   IDC’s core belief is that human technique is inseparable from nature, and nature therefore is the company’s best design inspiration. We aim to design and build habitats where the best in comfort and lifestyle is in balance with the natural environment. The Center for Global Best Practices Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit institution established on March 6, 2007, with the vision of spreading the culture of best practices in the Philippines as well as in other countries. The advocacy of the Center is to enhance the global competitiveness of individuals and organizations across various industries through best practices initiatives.

A Filipino inspired food cart now in Cebu

February 27, 2021

For almost 6 years living a simple life in Los Angeles California-Betsy Alano, a young bubbly and smart woman, known to be the Jack of All trade both in Local & National Showbiz Scene as Co-Managing Celebrities , Directing & Doing Event Concerts on The side & PR for Local & National Politicians, has indeed proven a marked on her field. She was diagnosed with meningioma last 2019, a brain tumor on her left skull which affects her vision, that she is  to avoid long exposure on artificial lights, and long exposure to direct sunlight, but she is slowly getting better,  everything should be done moderately on her day to day life. Betsy admitted that a lot has changed on her dynamics, after the surgery, and being more forgetful was one of the side effects, that she is needed to be reminded all of the time with her appointments & day to day to do’s. Looking back, She shared everything is different  since she decided to migrate together with her daughter “Bessie” who is known to be diagnosed with severe learning disability, that in one point of betsy’s life, she never put her daughter to the lime light  and has kept  her personal life private. 6 years, how time flies so fast, and a lot has changed, turned Behavioral Therapist in the field of mental health she had dwelt with different clients, from pediatric to adults, from mild to severe cases. On the other hand, Betsy together with her partner Stephanie Payao, a local from Cebu, has influenced betsy to learned to love the  Culture, Dialect and Food, and when we speak of Food, both ventured to their baby food cart business in the area of Talisay. Known as “Baba’s”-basta Baba’s Yummy sa Tummy” the hmm food cart serves a to go meals such as Bessie’s Silogs( which capture a new twist), Bochie’s Buffalo Wings( with Stephanie’s secret home style recipe)has turned to be one of the fast selling, and the Street Grilled Food which was Cebu known for, a touch of 2 of a kind woman, who both have children with special needs was indeed a Destiny. According to Betsy it’s SERENDIPITY. See and Visit Baba’s @ Deca Home 2, fronting Jopay’s Corner.

Davaoeños can shop conveniently from home: Choice Mart is now on foodpanda

February 18, 2021

Through the partnership between foodpanda and Davao City’s homegrown shopping center NCCC Supermarket Choice Mart, Davaoeños can now experience having their groceries delivered at the tap of an app.    With 11 Choice Mart branches that offer everyday essentials, fresh produce, and other merchandise, foodpanda is set to satisfy the on-demand shopping needs of Davaoeños with an average delivery time of 30 minutes.   Timely stay-at-home service During the official launch of Choice Mart in the foodpanda platform held last January 27, foodpanda Regional Sales Team Lead for Mindanao, Thomas Justin Pamintuan, highlighted the value of the strategic partnership, “foodpanda’s partnership with Davao’s largest grocery store chain shows that we, at foodpanda, always strive to bring quality and the best selection of shops or restaurant on-board to satisfy what our customers really want.”   “This partnership is very timely and beneficial especially for super busy moms and individuals who are working from home. It's very convenient to shop online through foodpanda for your pantry refills. It is also perfect for family bonding at home as you can just order your snacks while you're streaming your favorite shows,” said NCCC Associate Vice President for Marketing Melanie Bacala.   For Alexene Kaye Umpad, foodpanda City Manager for Davao, Panabo, and Tagum, it is all about offering a complete shopping experience. “With 11 Choice Mart branches available on foodpanda shops, Davaoeños have faster access to its wide product assortment as we provide our customers with a new and more convenient venue for grocery shopping. It is also a safer way to shop, with the contactless delivery option and the utmost care that foodpanda riders put into their safety measures.   Easy on the budget Aside from the fact that shoppers no longer have to spend on gas and parking or on their transportation fees, ordering at Choice Mart through foodpanda can also mean smart savings for savvy shoppers. As a way to celebrate the partnership with Choice Mart, new foodpanda shops customers can get up to 30% off on their purchases with a minimum order of P100 by using the code SHOPCHOICEMART until March 31, 2021.   Experience the convenience and safety of online grocery shopping by downloading the foodpanda app for free on iOS or Google Play Store. 

For the love of food: Have a Valentine’s Day meal at home

February 13, 2021

This February, set the mood (and the table) by having your go-to food orders delivered right to your doorstep in 20 minutes or less. Whether you’re raising your glass to romance or celebrating your independence, fill your heart with warmth and your belly with food you love the most using foodpanda’s hearty deals and discounts.  The country’s on-demand food delivery service is your perfect partner as they have tons of exciting surprises lined up for this month. Starting February 13 to 20, splurge on a rich meal and use the special Valentine’s codes depending on your relationship status: SINGLE, TAKEN, or it’s COMPLICATED to enjoy exclusive discounts. Treat yourself with foodpanda’s Valentine bundles and spend the perfect Valentine’s day at home with these surprises below: Goldilocks Don't let “fear of labels” stop you from being romantic on Valentine's Day. Order from Goldilocks’ selection of cakes and snacks all at 20% off. Aside from the 20% off, you can apply your complicated status by using the code COMPLICATED to get additional P38 off for a minimum order of P234 (valid all day for food delivery). Macao Imperial Tea (Valentine’s Bundles) Nothing quite expresses the burning passion of the heart than giving your loved one his/her favorite milk tea drink. Taste love in a cup with Macao Imperial Tea’s special Valentine’s Bundle on foodpanda. A bundle perfect for your taken heart, use the code TAKEN to get P143 off for a minimum order of P699 (valid all day for food delivery) Serenitea (Valentine’s Bundle)  This Valentine’s, find serenity when you get Serenitea fix on a Buy-1-Take-1 offer through the Love Bundles promo on foodpanda. Choices include the Emperor Milktea and the Hokkaido Espresso, among others. Cheers! Find self-love, and order two milk teas for yourself by using the code SINGLE to get P111 off for a minimum order of P499 (valid all day for food delivery) Shakey’s (Valentine’s Bundle) Sometimes, the heart comes in the shape of a circle, one topped with a boatload of cheese and meats, with the excellent crust for borders. Sing slice-slice baby when you order Shakey’s on foodpanda now and enjoy the brand’s exclusive Valentine’s Bundle that includes your favorite pizzas! Red Ribbon (Valentine’s Black Forest Cake + 15% off on all items) The only thing that should be dark this season of love is Red Ribbon’s special Valentine’s Black Forest Cake. While ordering the Black Forest add your favorite mamon and cakes as all Red Ribbon items are yours at 15% off when you order at foodpanda! Be sure to express your feelings this Valentine’s season by sharing and enjoying your favorite food delivery orders. Flex your relationship status by using the codes SINGLE, TAKEN, or it’s COMPLICATED when you order to get discounts and have the perfect Valentine’s Day meal at home. Download and order through the foodpanda app now or through www.foodpanda.ph. For more updates, follow foodpanda’s official social media pages on Facebook at facebook.com/foodpandaphilippines and Instagram at instagram.com/foodpanda_ph  


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