Ed Palad: Now A Name, Soon A Legend In Oro's Art Scene

April 5, 2021

LAST OF 2 PARTS   A very inspiring story of one of the city's successful artists who still shines at 71. Yes, this is the story of  Edgardo Rivero "Ed" Palad. Although he is not a pure-blooded 'Kagay-anon' but the City of Golden Friendship has been his home for many decades.  You wouldn't believe it but Ed's story captured the hearts of many local artists as he continues to give them inspiration, especially with the members of ARTSADA, an organization of local artists in the city.   UPCOMING ART EXHIBIT His group ArtTsada will be having another art exhibit on May 1, this year, at the 2nd Floor of Limketkai Mall, fronting Mark & Spencer. The formal opening of the exhibit will be 4pm.  Various paintings, portraits, abstracts, and other mediums will be on display from the said date onwards, according to him. The current officers of ArtTsada are: President, Lloyd Hinosolango; Vice Pres. Ryan Arces; Secretary-Treasurer, Jensen Jimenez; Auditor, Clint Jaranilla; PRO, Mark Bailo; Adviser, Edgardo Palad; and members: Carlos 'Litoy' Cecilio, Danny Natindim, Arch Lito Busgano, Emmie Borres, Mary Jane Tayco Tolentino, and MJ Sayson.      CRUCIFIXION. This is another rendition of Mr Palad's version of Jesus Christ's crucifixion. His late father Engr. Hermenegildo Cruz Palad was then a chief plant engineer of San Miguel Corporation. He was transferred to Cagayan de Oro Coca Cola Bottling Plant (where SM Downtown Premier is now located) from Pampanga in 1965. And Ed continued his studies at Xavier University and took up Business Administration. When Ed was in his fourth year in college, he met his lovely wife Heidi, now newly retired Dean of Xavier University College of Nursing. Back then, Dr Heidi was a fourth year high school student, and the young artist fell in love with her, and he started courting the lovely and charming wife. Heidi's father was a military assigned at Camp Evangelista, Patag, this city. One day, Heidi's father was reassigned to Davao City, and so the family also transferred residence. But Ed still courted her even as she pursued her college education and took up nursing course in Davao.       SUCCESSFUL FATHER TO KIDS Ed was very successful when it comes to raising his children and sending them to universities. His eldest son is now living in Maryland, USA and he works as a Nurse at John Hopkins Hospital; the second is a female nurse now living with her own family in Australia; the third who is also a female is a professional nurse in Salisbury, England but now living here in the Philippines; and the youngest is male and Ed's junior. He works as a professional doctor at St Lukes. He is also married to another doctor in Manila.    Ed's very successful involvement in business in the city had been the main factor in making all his siblings professionals in their chosen path. However, all of them were into services type of professions and none of them followed Ed's business inclination being a graduate in business administration at XU. In 1999, Ed has decided to close the family's flagship business, Bulakeña. Although the family still owns properties in the city but only focused on leasing and real estate. "Focus ko karon sa real estate and office space leasing business," he said. Asked what is his motto in life,  he simply says, "At age 71, I want to leave behind a legacy I could be remembered by. My artworks speak of who I am, what I am made of, and how I lived my life. My paintings are extensions of myself and my character. They allow people to take a glimpse of my soul. A poem minus the spoken words."   ED'S OTHER MASTERPIECES Since Mr Palad is now focused on his new career as an artist he has done a lot of graphics, abstracts, and other art pieces. He went abroad several times and observed paintings in museums for exposure and reference to varied subjects, styles, color mixture, and brush strokes. These trips abroad even broadened his knowledge of arts and graphics. Below are the other masterpieces of Mr. Palad.      ED'S WORDS OF WISDOM I am at the stage of my life where I find enjoyment, happiness & fulfillment in sharing the many wonderful blessings GOD has blessed me with. In doing so, we can do GOD’s work in loving unconditionally our fellowmen especially the less privileged members of our community who needs help. If I post my good deeds on Facebook, it s not para manghambog. It is intended to inspire others to do the same. To pay forward God’s goodness & mercy. It doesn't cost much to help. Kung ano lang ang kaya. And it should be sincere and comes from the heart without expecting anything in return. Other people may think differently. But to me what people say doesn't matter at all. What is important to me is God’s opinion and judgment of me. HE knows what is in my heart. You cannot fake that with our amazing God.

Discovering the Modern Art And Prints of Oro Artist Edgardo Rivero Palad

April 3, 2021

First of 2 Parts ED PALAD : GREAT ARTIST IN THE MAKING...   Ed Palad's artworks depict the combination of both traditional culture and modern art. Though the presentation of his works is similar to other artists, the styles, strokes, and hand movements of the artist show his original art masterpieces. This means if you see art exhibits in malls, you can easily tell if it is Ed's artwork or not. In fact, we can say that today, Mr Edgardo Rivero Palad or Ed Palad is now a name in the art scene in the city. Although considered a late bloomer in the field of art, Mr Palad easily carved a name in the art scene in Cagayan de Oro and elsewhere in the country. His paintings were bought by many of the city's known art collectors, businessmen, and politicians. A few of them were Elpie Paras, owner of Seven Seas, Parasat Cable and Internet, and many other businesses in the city; Villanueva Town former mayor Juliette Uy; Dr Renato Alagadan, CUMC cardiologist; Businesswoman Arissa and Earl Navarro; the son of former Vice Governor Norris Babierra; Kag Gigi Go; and Senator Miguel Zubiri.     LATE BLOOMER IN ART Before Ed Palad became very famous in the art scene in the city, he was a celebrated and most awarded businessman in Cagayan de Oro. He joined Rotary International, a very elite group of businessmen and professionals in the world. Rotary International is also known for its socio-civic activities to help improve the lives of impoverished families in many parts of the globe.  Aside from Rotary International, Mr Palad also joined several big organizations which also helped him become a very successful and multi-awarded businessman in the city.   EXPLOSIVE 'OBRAS'  Ed's artworks are very explosive and detailed. His rendition of a naked man and a woman depicted the real anatomy of the human body, just like the abs of the man that perfectly blended with his manly physique. The woman was also drawn in detail, from her delicate and intricate part up to her genitalia which is perfectly hidden to avoid sensuality. Though it's nude, you would never feel it is done in lust but just perfectly a work of art of a versatile artist like Mr Ed Palad.      According to Ed in our online interview, this piece of painting is now in the hands of a Manila-based Interior Designer Tito Villanueva.     ABSTRACTIONISM Renowned artist Ed Palad is also mesmerized by abstraction paintings as evident with many of his works of art. The strokes of his abstracts are masterpieces of his illustrious mind that only artists are capable of turning their imaginations into what they want. Many abstract artists are also firm believers of truth and they want to express themselves by depicting the realities of life into abstraction. It cannot be easily noticed by ordinary people but art enthusiasts and critics can easily identify the artist's theme, in which they share their disgusts on social issues and environmental problems.     READ PART TWO HERE    

Teascape Opens 7th Branch In Bugo; MDNN CEO leads Ceremnial Ribbon Cutting

March 29, 2021

TEASCAPE CAFE: DANICA'S EMERGING MILK TEA BUSINESS EMPIRE   Texts: Joel Calamba Escol Photos: The Explorer's Channel     WITH THE successful operation of Teascape in Cagayan de Oro, no wonder new branch openings happen every now and then in the city. Right now, Teascape's other branches are located in Barangays Tablon, Puerto, Iponan, and Capistrano Street, this city. Teascape has also opened branch in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental. Teascape is a brainchild business of the very promising and young entrepreneur Danica Sudaria, the lovely and beautiful daughter of Mindanao's newspaper mogul Dante M. Sudaria, Publisher and CEO of Mindanao Daily, the only surviving daily newspaper in Southern Philippines during the dangerous onslaught of the 'killer' coronavirus disease. Danica Sudaria is now a new gem in business in the City of Golden Friendship with her successful business operation. The opening of Teascape's 7th branch in Barangay Bugo is a great manifestation of Danica's determination to succeed in whatever venture she could be in. And his father was all praises for the continuing success of her daughter in business at a very young age. Danica graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism (BS Tourism) at Liceo de Cagayan University a few years ago but her inclination in business from her dad's newspaper company also prompted her to try her luck in business. Thus, proper study and the emerging milk tea business also opened her intelligent mind to venture. "I'm happy with the success of Danica's business in the city. I saw her as a very dedicated businesswoman in her newfound passion for milk tea business ventures. With her 7th branch in the city, I'm sure she's matured enough to manage the branches she has established," says the proud father to the continuing success of Danica. PRODUCTS  Right now Danica did not only focused on milk tea but she also introduced another product inside the milk tea house such as the tasty fried chicken dipped into the mouth-watering and very delicious and tasty local sauce that her chef has created exclusively for Teascape customers. But milk tea being Teascape's main product line has also different flavors now to the delight of its ever-growing customers, young and adults alike.  "Actually, it was all Danica's idea on how she had successfully created the brand and curved a name. The family is just here to give her our all-out support. While we knew she is now making successes in her own careers but we will continue supporting her," the newspaper business tycoon adds. During the opening of Teascape's 7th branch in Barangay Bugo, President and CEO Dante Sudaria was the main man in the very special and momentous ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by social media influencer KC Curay and MDNN Teleradyo anchor, Mr Ercel Q. Maandig of rated E. ###      

Stay Safe at Home: foodpanda to continue offering services 24/7

March 24, 2021

As Metro Manila reimplements curfew hours, foodpanda will continue to serve with contactless delivery As providers of basic necessities, foodpanda, the on-demand food delivery service, continues to operate round the clock with contactless delivery on every order. With Covid-19 cases rising in the country, foodpanda’s commitment remains in supporting their riders, restaurant and vendor partners, and valued customers through its 24-hour operations. Dedicated to serving the public, foodpanda provides more reasons for people to stay safe at home through their big discount deals and promos both for food and grocery delivery from thousands of select partners.   To also ensure all health and safety protocols are strictly implemented, customers are asked to follow the steps below for contactless delivery:  1. Place an order and opt for online payment via credit or debit cards and even GCash.  2. Upon ordering, go to the rider chat function on the foodpanda app and inform the rider that they are opting for contactless delivery. Customers can include instructions on where to leave their orders to make sure social distancing protocols are followed. 3. Food will be placed at the designated drop off spot at the customers’ delivery address.  4. Rider will notify customers that food has arrived via the rider chat function on the app or via call / SMS.  5. Throughout the delivery, a one meter distance will be maintained between the rider and customers.  6. Customers may use the chat function within the foodpanda app to confirm receipt of their order.  7. Delivery completed!    On the other hand, all foodpanda riders are instructed to wear their masks at all times. They are to wash their hands every two hours and after each time they handle a delivery. Lastly, if they have symptoms of illness, they are to immediately seek medical check up through our affiliated clinics and hospitals. Stay safe at home and use the code STAYATHOME to get P100 off your food deliveries with minimum order of P499 from Mondays to Saturdays (Mar 17-31 only). Download the foodpanda app today on iOS or Android for free and follow its official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @foodpanda_ph.  

foodpanda Honors frontliners with Misamis Oriental Mural

March 17, 2021

The pandemic has brought about a new breed of heroes - the frontliners - and foodpanda salutes their dedication in saving lives through a mural in Cagayan de Oro City that celebrates their valor in the face of unprecedented adversity.   The mural was commissioned through a partnership between foodpanda and the Province of Misamis Oriental, JCI Kagayhan Gold, Boysen paints, Bigbys Café and Restaurant, and local artists who collaborated to produce a new artistic landmark in the province Javie Deocampo-Llagas, the City Manager of foodpanda Cagayan de Oro, Malaybalay, and Valencia City, talks about the project’s message. “We would like to honor our frontliners, not only in the medical field, but also in other sectors who kept us going through this pandemic. We are very happy to have partnered with the Local Government of Misamis Oriental to be able to highlight the bravery of our fellow Fillpinos and value their perseverance and hard work even through these uncertain times.” Among the local artists who participated in the project is Jena Morales, who thanks foodpanda for the opportunity to highlight the talent that is thriving in the province. “The main concept is centered towards highlighting the heroism of our dear frontliners, and in partnership with foodpanda, we are showing the world that we honor all our medical workers and also the people in the field of food business such as our food delivery drivers and many more.” The province also plays a central role in the artwork, she adds. “Since we are partnering with the provincial government as well, we showcased famous landmarks within Misamis Oriental. We have emphasized in the layout, the simplicity of life. The Sacred Heart of Jesus symbolizes our faith and the syringe symbolizes Hope, that one day we can move on from this and find a cure to end this pandemic.”   In April of last year, as the pandemic set in and community quarantines were being announced, foodpanda and its partner restaurants provided warm meals and refreshments to frontliners based in hospitals and checkpoints in Cebu, Baguio, and CDO. By July, they have mobilized their network to deliver thousands of food packs to emergency responders, quarantine center personnel, garbage collectors, and street sweepers, in cognizance of their often-overlooked contribution in keeping society functioning during the ECQ.

Another Mindanaoan Hits A 1 Million Peso Jackpot and House and Lot Package in Big Brother's House

March 16, 2021

LIOFER PINATACAN IS 'PBB CONNECT' BIG WINNER!   ZAMBOANGA DEL SUR - Another big winner of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB Connect) hails from Mindanao! This time, it's Liofer Pinatacan from Zamboanga del Sur. He was adjudged the big winner during the grand finals night held Sunday, March 14, at the PBB house, along 18 Eugenio Lopez Drive, fronting ABS CBN main building in South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines. The last winner of Pinoy Big Brother teen edition a few year's ago was Maymay Entrata, who hails from Camiguin Province in Northern Mindanao. Maymay also grabbed the One Million Peso prize money plus the "house and lot package."     DESTINED TO WIN Liofer, 21 years old was a culinary student and 8th of the nine siblings. His father was a farmer and his mother was a market vendor of their small banana business in their home province. During Liofer's spare time, he helps his father in the farm and also his mom's banana business. But now, Liofer is One Million richer. He has also received a house and lot package from Abs Cbn television network, franchise holder of Pinoy Big Brother. Dubbed as "Dong Diskarte ng Zamboanga del Sur, the young native of Mindanao island is destined to win the contest.  In his Twitter account, Lauren Dyogi, the television network's TV Production Head tweeted that the young boy was really destined to win because he was only "a back up housemate." He was only considered when one of the original housemates did not pass the medical exam. "You were destined to win this season," said Lauren in his tweet.  The Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) reality TV show is the country's version of a very popular and long-running Dutch show, which usually features a group of strangers from diferent origins and upbringings, made to live together without the privilege of using any gadget, not even a mobile phone. In short, the strangers are made to live together away from the comforts of modern civilizations of internet and technology. Inside the PBB house, they compete each other in games and other mind-boggling puzzles, in which the winners will receive prizes they deserve for winning such contests. They are also obligated to follow a set of rules inside the PBB house. Failure to follow said rules would mean penalties and of becoming a candidate for regular eviction nights, in which one by one they are being voted out. The tough competitor and smart candidate wins the contest of brain and agility inside the PBB house.   OTHER WINNERS Meanwhile, Ms Andrea Abaya got the second place and she took home Half a Million Peso prize money; Kobie Brown, 3rd place winner; and Jie-Ann Armero, 4th place winner. They also received cash prizes respectively.  


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