Edgardo Palad's clients and his philanthropy

June 8, 2021

CAGAYAN de Oro-based visual artist Edgardo Palad's clientele are the who's who in the regional circle in this part of Mindanao. A few of them were Elpie Paras, owner of Seven Seas, Parasat Cable and Internet, and many other businesses in the city; Villanueva Town former mayor Juliette Uy; Dr Renato Alagadan, CUMC cardiologist; businesswoman Arissa and Earl Navarro; the son of former Vice Governor Norris Babierra; Kap. Gigi Go; and Senator Miguel Zubiri. There's also Vicente Gotil, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas manager Ma. Conchitina Borja-Lagonera, Ma. Cristina Tapia of Davao City, a collector from the United States, Dr. Kweenie Quiño and many more. But beyond art, not everybody knows that Palad is a generous person. Fifty mothers of young children were delighted last montg upon receiving gifts of diapers and milk from Palad of Artsada Kagay-an.The lactating mommies, who all came from the Calaanan relocation site in Cagayan de Oro City, received their gifts during the launch of Artsada Kagay-an’s quarterly exhibit Pangandoy on the first day of May at Limketkai 3/L East Concourse here.Palad, who is a member of Artsada Kagay-an, has long been known for his philanthropy in the past decades to the present.  Artsada Kagay-an came to being nine years ago in 2012. It is the brainchild of its founder Ms Marigold Cherie of TESDA. It was borne out of her desire to gather together totally unknown but promising talented local artists that had no umbrella organization to shelter in. It was envisioned to inspire, support and hone their obscure skills in visual arts to the fore; to be seen, appreciated, recognized and hopefully to become a source of additional income to their meager livelihood resources. Today, Artsada Kagay-an is a far cry from its early spartan beginnings. It is now a byword here in Cagayan de Oro and nearby cities to art enthusiasts, patrons and collectors who desire to acquire original, affordable and beautiful works of art to hang in their homes and offices. From its humble beginnings, it is now able to share its blessings through socio-civic community involvements and charitable works of mercy to worthy beneficiaries of their successful exhibits. Artsada Kagay-an is very grateful for the kind and invaluable support of our patrons and collectors.  The exhibit at Limketkai was populated with artworks coming from Artsada Kagay-an members Lloyd Hinosolango, Clint Jaranilla, MJ Sayson, Jensen Jimenez, Mark Bailo, Gee Lumbay, Ryan Boiser, Danny Natindim, Busgayno and Palad with guest artists Eric Masangkay, Sam Penaso, Nic Aca and Joey Labrador. Curated by Yllek Somar. Catch Palad's new artworks in a new exhibit still at Limketkai Center this August.

foodpanda Rolls Out its Ultimate Rider Search with Bida Ka-Panda 2021

June 3, 2021

As foodpanda prepares to celebrate its 7th birthday, it invites its awesome riders to join in the fun. It’s their time to shine as the search is on for the Bida Ka-Panda 2021! In this exciting competition, foodpanda riders with special talents and cool personalities can join the online event that highlights their stories and their contributions to the customers’ Universe. The competition heats up during the whole month of June, where the Top 12 semi-finalists chosen from NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao will be competing in online challenges to be posted on foodpanda's facebook group, Tap Tap Hooray. The rider with the highest score per region will be announced as the ultimate Bida Ka-panda rider during foodpanda’s 7th birthday online event on July 3.   Bida Ka-Panda 2021 highlights what makes foodpanda riders special – their dedication to the job and the cheerful can-do spirit that makes each delivery not only safe and convenient, but also a bright pink spot to your day. “Our riders are our valuable touchpoints with our customers, and they are the reason why we are where we are today. Through our competition, we would like to put the spotlight on their special skills and stories, and as we show our appreciation for their contributions in a fun and engaging way,” says foodpanda Philippines managing director Daniel Marogy.       Ready to meet the riders and get to know the real faces, amazing talents, and inspiring stories that go behind the foodpanda journey? Check out today the Tap Tap Hooray community page on Facebook in this link: https://tinyurl.com/foodpandataptaphooray .       

Bridgestone Philippines Breaks Ground on Classroom Donation Project in Mangaldan, Pangasinan

June 1, 2021

The hot balmy Friday afternoon of May 14, 2021 witnessed the ceremonial groundbreaking of the three-classroom, single-story building at the Talogtog-Bateng Elementary School in Mangaldan, Pangasinan, which is donated by Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation (PAEC), the official importer and distributor of Bridgestone tires in the Philippines. The construction of the classrooms was done in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Friends of Hope Inc., and in partnership with the Alfonso Lee Sin Memorial Lodge 158.      The construction will take approximately five to six months to be completed and the new building is designed to replace the three makeshift classrooms that were constructed of lumber and plywood, which were cycled between grade levels and functions, but were beginning to rot, and was hot during summer and leaking during the rainy season. Bridgestone Philippines hopes to improve the lot of the elementary students who come from the families living in the surrounding barangays of Talogtog and Bateng, especially when face-to-face education resumes after the pandemic.      During her opening remarks, Talogtog-Bateng Elementary School Principal Alma V. Jomero expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Bridgestone Philippines, Friends of Hope, and the Alfonso Lee Sin Memorial Lodge 158 for choosing to donate the construction of the classrooms to their school. She said that the new classrooms will augment the newly constructed multiclassroom, three-story building that was constructed by the government, which will help improve the quality of education among their students and bring change to the lives not only of the children, but also to the families in Mangaldan.      For her part, DepEd Public Schools District Supervisor Minerva D. Serafica praised Bridgestone Philippines not only as a builder of quality tires but also as a builder of “bridges of stone” that will bring hopes to the lives of the children studying in the Talogtog-Bateng Elementary School. She quoted an inspirational phrase, “We earn a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” and added that Bridgestone Philippines lived up to its name by bridging hope and encouragement to the local school children.      “As Free Masons of Pangasinan, we consider it our solemn duty to help our fellowmen, especially those who are underprivileged”, declared Ernie C. Llanillo, the Worshipful Master of the Alfonso Lee Sin Memorial Lodge 158. “We hope that our efforts in this endeavor with Bridgestone Philippines will help bring back the excitement to the children when they go back to school after the pandemic.” He offered the support of their Masonic Lodge 158 with Senior Warden Zeus Cruz and Junior Warden Paul Co, Jr.      Talogtog-Bateng Elementary School Teacher Lemuel C. Bautista, who emceed the ceremonies with Teacher Myla M. Sevillena, narrated how surprised the whole faculty and staff with the fast phase and the quick turn of events. “We submitted our position paper via email to the Friends of Hope in 2020, and we didn’t expect much since we knew there were a lot of other schools that they were considering. But in March 5, 2021, we were visited by Sir Allan Santos of Bridgestone Philippines, who returned after a few weeks with his team to make a video of our school and the state of our classrooms. We feel lucky and blessed.”      “I am a proud product of our country’s public school system”, exclaimed Allan P. Santos, the marketing manager of PAEC/Bridgestone Philippines. “I am thankful for public school teachers who have labored through thick and thin to coach, develop and mold the minds of young children and turn them into responsible citizens of our nation. It is my hope that this 3-classroom, 1- story building will be the first among the many projects that I will spearhead to help our young students, which is a sentiment that I share with my bosses, PAEC President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marc Tagle and Vice President (VP) Leslie Tagle-Dinglasan. I hope to ‘pay-forward’ the blessing I got when I was a public school student.”      After the speeches, everybody proceeded to the construction site where a time capsule was filled with memorabilia, including a copy of the May 14, 2021 issue of The Philippine STAR newspaper, a printout of the email sent by the school to the Friends of Hope, the artist’s rendition of the finished building, and the Program of activities for the day. The time capsule was sealed by Bridgestone Philippines’ Alllan Santos and then lowered into the ground, where the ceremonial soil topping was executed by Talogtog-Bateng Elementary School Principal Jomero, District Supervisor Serafica, Worshipful Master Llanillo and Santos, and witnessed by Senior Warden Zeus Cruz, Junior Warden Paul Co, Jr., and the teachers, faculty and staff of the school.      In cooperation with PAEC / Bridgestone Philippines, Power Wheels Magazine will report on the status of the ongoing construction of the classroom building in succeeding posts. Watch out for the videos and developments here and on our YouTube channel, Power Wheels TV Cruise Control.

Yes, There is an Inverter Electric Fan!

May 28, 2021

Yes, There is an Inverter Electric Fan! Beat the summer heat while saving big on electricity.   52°C—this has been the highest heat index recorded this year in the Philippines so far.[1] Metro Manila heat index is also expected to reach 39 to 41°C according to PAGASA.[2] So it is no surprise that many are searching for ways to beat the heat and make their summer cooler and more comfortable.   Beating the Heat On top of causing uncomfortable sweating, excessive heat can lead to dehydration, headache and even heatstroke, which may lead to health complications. That’s why it is important to care take of our bodies. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat and stay cool at home:   Add curtains to your windows. This will help lessen the outdoor heat from passing through and reaching your space.   Keep yourself and your family hydrated. Being hydrated reduces fatigue and improves your endurance. It is recommended to drink at least 1 glass of water every 15 to 20 minutes as drinking smaller amounts of water in shorter intervals is more effective than drinking larger amounts less frequently.   Fill your home with plants. Plants help keep your space cool, calm, and they even freshen it up.   Invest in an appliance that can help you stay cool. One that doesn’t break the bank is an electric fan that can keep you company all summer long.     The Greatest Fan of Your Life Did you know that there’s actually an electric fan that has an inverter system? An inverter system powered by a DC motor that saves big on energy. Worldwide appliance leader Panasonic brings you an extraordinary electric fan to add to your summer needs—the Panasonic DC efan.   The Panasonic DC efan saves up to 50% in energy compared to regular AC fans.[3] It also has a DC socket adapter that allows more power but with less electricity cost. Plus, its rotary dial knob allows smooth, continuous control to generate precise levels of speed based on your need or preference. Panasonic has also proven that its Japan Quality appliances are worth your purchase. Built to be durable, the Panasonic DC efan makes sure that you get the best value for your money. You can count on this electric fan to cool your home this summer and for years to come. With lower electricity costs and proven durability, the Panasonic DC efan is definitely a smart investment because you will be saving more in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Panasonic website for the greatest fan of your life and beat this summer heat!   Follow Panasonic on Facebook at Panasonic Philippines and Instagram @panasonic_ph to stay updated with their latest innovations.   References: [1] https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1431013/highest-heat-index-so-far-this-year-at-52c-recorded-in-dagupan [2] https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1432629/pagasa-metro-manila-heat-index-may-reach-39-to-41-degrees-celsius [3] https://www.panasonic.com/ph/consumer/household-appliances/fans-and-ventilation/living-fan/f-409ls.html

Running Organgs — the new Pinoy-made mobile game is taking the country by storm

May 25, 2021

A new fun and addicting mobile game for both Android and Apple users has come to town! If you were waiting for all of 2020 for a big vacation, you’ll surely love playing Running Organgs. The game is 100% Pinoy-made, conceptualized and developed by PurpleBug Inc., which is a local digital marketing company. Another one joining the roster of Philippines’ pride, indeed! Running Organgs is one of the most anticipated online games this 2021. The game aims to serve as not just an entertainment for people and to distract them from the setbacks brought by the COVID-19 crisis, but to also allow players to travel and recall the feeling of visiting the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines, all the while staying safe from the dangers of the COVID-19 virus. Apart from providing entertainment, the game also aims to provide education to players about self-care and health. The characters, hence, the name “Running Organgs” is inspired from the human organs. The following are the characters of the game:   • Brainstein (Brain): The one who holds the greatest understanding and wisdom among the members of the Running Organgs. His arch nemesis are illegal drugs • Amor (Heart): The fun and bubbly member of the Running Organgs. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves to make friends. Her arch nemesis are the pictures of her ex-boyfriends. • Oliver (Liver): The cool, laid-back, and most stylish member of the Running Organgs. His arch nemesis are alcoholic beverages. • Lang-Lang and Leng-Leng (Lungs): Lang-Lang and Leng-Leng are twins. Lang-Lang is prim and proper, while Leng-Leng is a free-spirit. Their arch nemesis are cigarettes, vapes, and the COVID-19 virus. • Tammie (Stomach): The confident and bold member of the Running Organgs. She loves to eat to her heart’s content and knows how to have a good time! Her arch nemesis are poisonous substances.   As a simple platformer game, people of all ages can enjoy playing Running Organgs.. With the overall unique art style and fun characters, you will surely enjoy every passing moment with this cute gang! Watch out for updates! PurpleBug Inc. will be releasing new versions within the year with additional characters and Philippine tourist spots. So far, the game has already received positive feedback, most notably for its art style, characters, and concept. PurpleBug is a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that offers 360 degrees digital marketing solutions and online marketing services such as web design services and web development services. Aside from these web solutions, PurpleBug also caters to search engine optimization services, online advertising, social media management services, online PR media, application development services, and other digital marketing solutions for businesses. Be sure to try it out! Happy playing! Download Running Organgs through these links: Android: https://bit.ly/2W1wZr3 iOS: https://apple.co/3qGdPFj

Bersong Euro-Pinoy Goes to Zamboanga Con Buen Amistad on 21 May 2021 at 6pm

May 14, 2021

It is Viva Europa time once again! Allow us to ignite the fire and passion in your hearts as the European Union brings back “Bersong Euro-Pinoy” on 21 May at 6pm in Zamboanga.   The fire and fervour of European verses coupled with Chavacano and other languages from Southern Philippines continue this May through this literary festival.   The EU Delegation to the Philippines has worked in tandem with the Embassies of Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Instituto Cervantes Manila, France, the Philippine-Italian Association, Austria, Poland, Finland and Ateneo de Zamboanga University.   Dubbed “Con Buen Amistad,” or “Friendship and Partnership”, this poetry recital (Verses Versus the Virus) will be streamed live at the FB page of the EU Delegation to the Philippines:   facebook.com/EUDelegationToThePhilippines.   European Union Ambassador  Luc Véron, a patron and lover of literature himself,  said that Bersong Euro-Pinoy will provide a platform for European and Filipino poets and literary enthusiasts to better understand and appreciate each other’s culture and to strengthen people-to-people links between and among Europeans and Filipinos.   With the “new normal” being in place, this cultural journey is even easier.   A brainchild of Instituto Cervantes, it used to be held under the framework of “Dia del Libro” gathering all diplomats and literary enthusiasts from among the members of the EU Delegation to the Philippines, EU member states’ embassies and cultural institutes.     EU and Ateneo de Zamboanga University Partnership    Literary luminaries from Zamboanga and Mindanao  will read their pieces also in the mother tongue: M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac, poet in Hiligaynon, Southern Mindanao, Awardee of Makata ng Taon 2019;  Sigrid Gayangos, poet in Chabacano, Zamboanga City/Dumaguete City, Awardee of Palanca Award 2018; and Errol Merquita, a recipient of Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards (2011, 2015, 2017) and Satur Apoyon Writing Contest (2010), for fiction in Cebuano and poetry for children in Filipino.   These poets were mobilized by the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, this year’s academic partner along with De La Salle University.    “The Ateneo de Zamboanga University is very grateful to be part of the European Union Delegation to the Philippines’ Poetry Recital this year. In these trying times, we need words that build, words that bring comfort, words that heal, and this literary event provides that. Let us continue to seek inspiration from friendships that flourish, and celebrate our freedom to collectively rise above difficulties”, said Fr Karel San Juan, President of Ateneo de Zamboanga University.   Errol Merquita will read his original poem Pangamuyo sa Brgy. Diatagon, Lianga  (sa padayong pagbakwit ug kagubot) with English translation by Ralph Semino Galán,  Entreaty from Brgy. Diatagon, Lianga  (On the continuing evacuation and chaos);     Sigrid Marianne Gayangos will read his poem Cuando ya busca yo con el maga palabra with English translation by Floraime Oliveros Pantaleta (When I was searching for the words);   MJ Tumamac will read his poem Pabay-an nga magbalhas sang nana ang ginasugba nga indangan which Mr. Eric Nebran translated into English (Let pus drip from the surgeonfish sweating on the grill).   Literary Masterpieces Around the EU     Carl Norac, Belgium's fourth National Poet and a prize-winning poet and author of many widely acclaimed and best-selling children's books, will join this year’s festival.   Norac’s work has been translated into 47 languages. His bilingual children's book "My Daddy is a Giant" appeared in Tagalog-English in 2005. In 2009, Norac received the Grand Prix de la Société des Gens De Lettres. He will recite his original works: "Pour Marcel Moreau" - For Marcel Moreau, his friend who is a Belgian writer too and who has unfortunately recently passed away and  "Pour Mustafa, pour Mustafa Kör" (For Mustafa, for Mustafa Kör), a poem dedicated to Mustafa Kör who will in fact succeed him in January 2022 as a National Poet.   Dora Šedivá, daughter of Ambassador Jana Šedivá  (Czech Embassy) is back with her friend, Marika Štěpková, daughter of Deputy Ambassador Jana Peterková, (Czech Embassy)  will read Fortune (Štěstí) by Adolf Heyduk, both in Czech and in English.   Hans Christian Andersen´s philosophy and favourite phrase was “Det er Liv et Reise” or “To Travel is to Live” by Hans Christian Andersen, which will be read by Danish Ambassador Grete Sillasen.   For the first time, German actress Luisa Katharina Davids will recite the German translation of  “Mi Ultimo Adios“ as 2021 is the year when the German Embassy also unveils an exhibition with José Rizal’s former furniture from Heidelberg, Germany, and an official marker with the German translation of “Mi Ultimo Adios“ at the Museo ni José Rizal in Intramuros. (For more information about the artist, please visit www.luisakatharinadavids.de)   Famous poet and director of Instituto Cervantes in Madrid, Mr Luis Garcia Montero, will recite his original work “Magallanes” for Bersong Euro-Pinoy.   Luis García Montero (Granada, 1958) is the General Director of the Instituto Cervantes since 2018. Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Granada (Spain), he held various positions such as the director of the Secretariat for University Extension.  Poet, narrator and essayist, he has received, among others, the Adonáis Poetry Prize (1982), the National Literature Prize (1994), the National Critics Prize (2003), the Madrid Booksellers Guild Prize (2009), the Poets Prize del Mundo Latino (Mexico, 2010), Ramón López Velarde Award (Mexico, 2017), Parallel 0 Award (Ecuador, 2018) or Carlo Betocchi Literary Award (Italy, 2020).     Famous poem “Amis, Un Dernier Mot” (Friends, one last word) by Victor Hugo will be read by French actress Anne Gauther Das Neves. The poem was translated by  Martin Macalintal, audio-visual attache French Embassy and Jean - Pierre Dumont, Director, Alliance Francaise de Manille.      Rima LII”, a sonnet on friendship by Dante Alighieri, will be read by Alessandro Milani, General Manager of the Philippine-Italian Association.  This is in celebrations of Dante Alighieri’s 700th death anniversary. The Philippine-Italian Association will feature a sonnet written by Dante to his best friend, Guido Cavalcanti.   What makes this poetry edition more exciting is that it will bring back the   Italian poetry festival “La punta della lingua”. Luigi Socci is the featured poet with Lorenzo Raponi and Stefano Teodori as filmmakers participating in this festival.   La Punta della Lingua” is an international festival, based in Ancona, Italy, dedicated to “TOTAL POETRY” that since 2006 continues to explore possibilities of interaction between poetry texts and moving images as well as other forms of hybridization of poetry with the web, theater, music and cinema.   Popular Austrian poem “Love” by Erich Fried will be read by Tajna Platzer of the Embassy of Austria.   “Labirynt” or “Labyrinth” by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wisława Szymborska will be rendered by Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy of Poland Jaroslaw Roman Szczepankiewicz.   Nocturne, Finnish poem by Eino Leino and translated by Keith Bosley will be read by Finnish Ambassador  Juha Pyykkö.    After Zamboanga, the Bersong Euro-Pinoy goes to Manila through the De La Salle University on 28 May 2021 at 5pm.  The festival will be hosted by journalist and EHEF goodwill ambassador Danie Laurel, Ph D and Ms  Floraime Oliveros Pantaleta of Western Mindanao - National Committee on Literary Arts at National Commission for Culture and the Arts.


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