Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) says, "What body pain?"

June 8, 2021

The effects of COVID-19 are felt to this day most especially economically. People lost their jobs, some needed to close shop after years of existence, others are barely surviving. Needless to say, numerous people found themselves working double to make up for income losses. Challenging as it may be, there is a silver lining as the situation proves how resiliency will get one by. This story is evident in the world more so in the Philippines.  Not only are Filipinos known to be a friendly race; Filipinos are also popularly known to be hardworking. For some reason, the more physical the job, the more effort has to be exerted. Often do we hear the term “Push lang ng push!” Push to keep going, push to finish the task, push not to quit. Pushing the body strength reflects a strong and determined attitude translating that Filipinos will go through great lengths in order to provide for themselves and their families.  With the pandemic, the roster of heroes has evolved from the National Heroes that we know, to the OFWs, and now the Delivery Riders, Service Crew, Medical Front liners, who all spend long hours to cater to the needs of many. And do they deserve the recognition! Real life Lodi! But wait! We can also here them say, “Tao lang po! Kapuy!”  No doubt that the challenges faced in the past year have already caused some concerns on one’s health and bodies especially for this type of workers. Imagine traversing the roads all day to get packages from one point to another, standing countless hours to check patients here and there, pushing the body never ends. Body aches and pains are inevitable though often ignored. Inasmuch as the motivation to go on is there, these manifestations of long working hours also take a toll on the bodies to a point that ignoring it no longer becomes an option. Fortunately, a product that can be brought to work, what can be called a “work buddy”, is available. Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax), from the same makers of Vice Ganda’s endorsement Paracetamol + Propyphenazone + Caffeine (Saridon Triple Action), is ready for the hardworking Filipinos.  There is no stopping the hustle because Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) provides upto 12 hours pain relief from body pain and arthritis vs. plain Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. This will allow long hours of non-stop work required to provide for the family.  Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) associate marketing manager Toby Manlapat shares, “The effects of the pandemic are making us work doubly harder so becomes even more important to relieve our bodies from aches and pains to go through the daily grind and allow us to be in a good condition to deliver our tasks and provide for the family. Push!” Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) is manufactured by the global pharmaceutical company Bayer. Available in leading drugstores in Luzon (Dagupan and Pampanga), Visayas (Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod), and Mindanao (Davao, Cagayan De Oro, General Santos, Zamboanga). Naproxen Sodium (Sarimax) may also be availed nationwide via Southstar Drug Online (Sarimax for Southstar)  and Watson’s Online (Sarimax for Watsons). Naproxen Sodium is the generic name of Sarimax. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.    ASC Ref. No. B114N053121SS      

ABB supplies Southeast Asia’s largest battery energy storage system

June 2, 2021

With the global energy storage system market expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027 1 , battery energy storage systems (BESS) are emerging as the strongest solution to increase grid flexibility and reliability. With rapid growth rates of 31.4 percent CAGR by 2027 1 projected, countries around the world are increasingly switching to BESS to drive greater grid reliability and broader adoption of renewable energy sources. Battery energy storage systems are particularly suitable for regions that are impacted by grid instability, such as the Philippines. To help improve grid performance in the country, SMC Global Power Holdings Corp. (SMC), one of the major suppliers of power to the national grid in the Philippines, has partnered with ABB to install BESS facilities as part of its nationwide BESS Project, the region’s largest BESS project. As part of a multi-million-dollar contract won in 2019, ABB will support two 20MW sites which will be installed by June 2021, with a further 40MW site in July 2021. The remaining sites will be completed in 2022. Alessandro Palin, President of ABB's Distribution Solutions Division explains: “Battery energy storage systems are transforming the market, driving wider adoption of renewable energy solutions, and helping to improve grid performance across the globe. In support of ABB’s 2030 sustainability commitments, pioneering solutions like the one in the Philippines will ensure that grids are more stable and will satisfy the reliability challenges associated with moving to a stronger mix of renewables.” This project will support the Philippines’ ambitious plans to build a more sustainable future for its communities, by decarbonizing energy generation and ensuring that 54 percent of its energy mix comes from renewables by 2040 2 (a sizeable increase from 29 percent of renewables in 2019). To meet these targets, the country faces several challenges to ensure grid stability, including the length of power lines required to connect the diverse archipelago, as well as intermittent energy supply from wind and solar, which needs storage to act as a frequency regulator. ABB has provided a packaged BESS solution to strengthen the reliability and stability of the local grid on Luzon, the largest and most populous island in the archipelago, and the island of Visayas. Both these fast- developing regions will benefit from BESS as part of the government’s ‘Build, build, build’ program that aims to establish a ‘golden age of infrastructure’ to boost industry and tourism. The solution is designed to avoid large frequency deviations which can result in costly equipment damage and disruptive power system failure. The Philippines project uses ABB’s proprietary software platform ABB Ability™ Zenon to act as the intuitive interface to the BESS, allowing users to make real time decisions based on grid parameters to ensure performance stability. To satisfy the complicated needs of the scheme and ensure easy and quick installation, ABB developed a complete solution that uses standardized building blocks that are scalable and modular. The building block ABB SUPPLIES SOUTHEAST ASIA’S LARGEST BATTERY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM 2/2 designs include an integrated combination of Energy Storage Modules and power distribution equipment, that can be increased or reduced in capacity to suit specific site location requirements. The BESS includes the provision of battery enclosures, ABB EcoFlex eHouse, UniGear ZS1 medium-voltage switchgear, integrated skid units, transformers and inverters in one single skid, with a connection to the grid. Installation and energization periods were reduced by up to 30 percent, as all equipment was delivered fully integrated and pretested before arriving on site. Adopting this philosophy also ensured a reduction in site works and associated costs for the customer. Palin concludes: “By combining the knowledge of our Packaging and Solutions Global Execution team, based in Manila, with the local grid knowledge of the SMC team, we are proud to support the most ambitious BESS project in South East Asia.” ABB plans to use learnings from these installations to implement further high-profile BESS projects across the globe. ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries. ABB’s Electrification Business Area is a global leader in electrical products and solutions, operating in more than 100 countries, with over 200 manufacturing sites. Our 50,000+ employees are dedicated to transforming how people live, connect and work by delivering safe, smart and sustainable electrification solutions. We are shaping the future trends of electrification, differentiating through technological and digital innovation while delivering an outstanding experience through operational excellence for our customers across utilities, industry, buildings, infrastructure and mobility. For more information visit                            

Kailangang mag-bangko? Pumunta sa RBankMo!

May 12, 2021

Isa ka ba sa libu-libong mga Pilipino na parating naghahanap ng malapit na ATM o bangko?   Inilunsad na ng Robinsons Bank ang RBankMo agency banking facility kung saan nakipag-partner sila sa mga piling Premiumbikes store para makapaghatid ng basic banking services sa mga Pilipino lalo na sa mga lugar na walang malapit na bangko.   Hindi mo na kailangang lumayo pa basta't may malapit na Premiumbikes store sa bahay niyo!   Sa RBankMo, maaari ka nang mag-withdraw gamit ang kahit anong Bancnet ATM card, mag-deposit sa iyong Robinsons Bank savings account at magbayad ng bills.   At kung wala ka pang savings account, pwede ka na rin magbukas ng iyong sariling savings account sa RBankMo basta't may dalang isang (1) valid ID.   Sa kasalukuyan, mayroong 50 RBankMo branches sa Premiumbikes at inaasahang madadagdagan pa ito hanggang 200 branches sa mga susunod na buwan.   Siguradong hindi mo na kailangang lumayo para mag-bangko, dahil ang RBankMo, malapit sa’yo!   Sa pagsulong ng financial inclusion, tinitiyak ng Robinsons Bank na patuloy na mabibigyan ng access ang bawat Pilipino sa mga serbisyong pang-pinansiyal.   Robinsons Bank is the financial services arm of the JG Summit Group of Companies, one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines. It currently ranks 18th among universal and commercial banks in the country, with assets amounting to Php 131.088 Bn as of December 2019. The Bank is recognized as the Fastest Growing Commercial Bank in the Philippines for 2020 by the Global Business Outlook; and the Best Commercial Bank in the Philippines for 2020 by the International Business Magazine. RBank was also recognized as an Outstanding Employer at the PH Best Employer Brand Awards 2020.    For inquiries and concerns, you may reach Robinsons Bank through its Customer Care Center at (02) 8637-CARE (2273) or domestic toll-free 1-800-10-637-CARE (2273); or visit its website at Like us on Facebook at and join our Viber Community at to get the latest updates.

Bridgestone Philippines’ Safer Road for All: Always in All Ways 2021 Campaign

April 29, 2021

A year later into the pandemic, we are still struggling from the ravages brought by the crisis of COVID-19. And just when we are getting back on our feet, cases rose rapidly again. Now, we are back to quarantine and many of us feel helpless. The pandemic has disrupted our economy, communities, and lives for the second time.    2021—a repeat of last year? Lockdown Déjà vu? Bridgestone Philippines refuses we are back to square one.    Recovery may seem far away from where we are standing, but we are persevering and racing towards the finish line. There may be times that we need to slow down and walk, but we are definitely moving forward together.   We have learned time and time again the importance of safety in all aspects of our lives. The pandemic has taught us to make it a priority and Bridgestone Philippines is embracing it.    “Safer Road For All: Always in All Ways” Bridgestone welcomes us with a campaign to look out for the remainder of 2021. This signifies the brand’s leadership on road safety—as they take to greater heights last year’s campaign on “A Safer Road For All.” Bridgestone Philippines aims to elevate the coverage and importance of road safety in the lives of Filipinos, hence, “Always in All Ways”. Serving society with superior quality tires has always been Bridgestone’s mission since its foundation.

JobStreet goes hyperlocal, launches microsites and virtual career fairs in several regions

April 24, 2021

Living up to its commitment to provide jobs that matter across the country, leading online job portal JobStreet is going hyperlocal as it launches its dedicated microsite for Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao as well as its upcoming virtual career fair with the selected Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Regional Offices in time for the upcoming Labor Day.  The initiatives also help boost the job market in provinces as the public is encouraged to decongest Metro Manila following the on-going pandemic.  Jobseekers from Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao can now browse thousands of jobs available in their locality through the respective microsites. Candidates can also learn from work-life guides and advice from JobStreet’s career hub which will be written in their local dialect.   “Many Filipinos recently returned to their provinces because of layoffs or the new work from home arrangements and this caused a shift in the labor market. We’ve also observed that candidates from major provinces have increased their activities in terms of platform website visits, which is why we really targeted to promote local employment and provide them valuable support in their career through their own dialect,” said JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca. Hyperlocal microsites The microsite for Cebu offers opportunities from the top industries namely Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO (12.5%), Manufacturing/Production (7.6%), Healthcare/ Medical (6.5%), Education (5.5%), and Construction/Building/Engineering (5.2%). The average salary reported in Cebu is Php 31,487.  Candidates from Davao can apply for jobs with an average salary of Php 28,500 as top industries continue hiring such as Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO (8.7%), Healthcare/Medical (7.8%), Education (7.2%), Food & Beverage/Catering/Restaurant (5.6%), and Retail/Merchandise (5.3%).  Meanwhile, thousands of jobs are also found in Iloilo microsite with an average salary of Php 27,370. Top industries include Healthcare/Medical (13.6%), Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO (9.2%), Education (8.3%), Construction/Building/Engineering (5.6%), and Food & Beverage/Catering/Restaurant (5.3%).  As of 2021, JobStreet earned a 13% growth in average platform visits from Cebu, 56% from Davao, and 44% in Iloilo. Moreover, hirers from the said provinces are gradually picking up. Based on JobStreet Database as of March 2021, job offerings based in Central Visayas grew by 9% from a sharp decline in 2020. Western Visayas recently jumped to 44% increase in job openings, while Davao Region is also recovering with 26% job postings this year.      Ensuring that the initiative will be advantageous for both local hirers and candidates, JobStreet is also establishing a local team in each province to accommodate queries.  Labor Day Virtual Career Fair  JobStreet continues to support the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in providing livelihood among Filipinos during this period. Following the success of the recent Virtual Career  Fair, JobStreet partners with selected DOLE regions to launch another Virtual Career Fair on May 1 to 3.  Over 100 companies from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have participated in the upcoming Virtual Career Fair, offering thousands of jobs nationwide. Candidates from different regions will also have a chance to experience engaging features such as live chats, on-the-spot interviews with HR representatives, and companies’ virtual booths. In addition, DOLE Regional Offices will accommodate concerns and questions from candidates via chat in the platform.  Jobseekers can join the online raffle as JobStreet goes live on its official Facebook Page on the first day of the Virtual Career Fair on May 1 at 5:00PM. “We appreciate DOLE and the participating regions for trusting to partner with JobStreet in this initiative. We’re hoping that the Virtual Career Fair would be able to reach out to more jobseekers across the country who are looking for opportunities at this time,” shared Gioca. The Virtual Career Fair is now open for pre-registration through  Provincial microsites are also accessible via,, and About JobStreet  JobStreet is a leading online job board presently covering the employment markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. JobStreet currently services over 230,000 corporate hirers and over 15 million jobseekers in its database. 

IDC Chairman & CEO for the Philippine European Summit

April 15, 2021

Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) Chairman and CEO, Architect Romolo V. Nati, has been invited to participate as a speaker at the 15th Philippine European Studies, with the theme "The Mask We Share: Advancing the Individual's Role in the Collective Climate Action in the Time of Pandemic” to be held on April 17, 2021, via Facebook live show.      The event program has some very prominent speakers lined up such as Dr. Marilen Balolong, Associate Professor for Public Health at UP Manila, Ms. Rio Grace Otara, Youth Programme Officer at United Nations Population, and Mr. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele Former IPCC Vice-Chair (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).      This event will address a mutually and beneficial common feature between the Philippines and Europe. As an expert in green and sustainable architecture, Arch. Nati is expected to emphasize the advantages of promoting sustainable buildings in secondary and tertiary cities explaining that aside from reducing the overall impact on the environment and on human health.      Arch. Nati believes that green buildings are the key for property developers to achieve sustainable urban development in an environmentally friendly manner. Such structures are defined as environmentally responsible and resource-efficient over their full life cycles and proven to be cost-effective with reduced energy requirements.      Current IDC’s green projects, Primavera City, in uptown Cagayan de Oro, and the latest high-rise eco-friendly Miramonti Green Residences in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, has been awarded as Best-Development Mixed-use Development in the Philippines, by the International Property Awards-Asia Pacific, a highly acclaimed award in the worldwide property industry.      With today’s demand for sustainability, IDC has always been a company that stood by its design philosophy in committing to build sustainable real estate projects in harmony with the environment to bring value to investors, end-users, and the community.


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