A Great Mission through WRF 2014

March 22, 2014

Welcome to World Research Festival (WRF), in Cebu city, on May 1-3, 2014. The theme chosen is “Research for a sustainable world!” This is a great event for intellectuals around the globe for some reasons. When we consider the objectives, we will realize that this academic activity is essential. This WRF has some objectives. First, it is for world student forum, such as (1) to provide a forum for professional and student researchers across the world as means for dissemination and utilization of high impact researches. By achieving the objectives above, we believe that there are some beneficial outcomes. First, for university students, they can measure their potentials. They can meet their colleagues with the same professions in the same levels. Second, it is for enhancing world collaboration for intellectuals, such as (2) to nourish collaborations among researchers and institutions in the promotion and production of researches. In this case, researchers from various countries can boost their research activities recognized worldwide. Mostly, universities need their fame as noted in webomatric that is the web for ranking the universities throughout the world. Third, it is for appreciating good quality researchers. That is (3) to recognize meritorious contributions of world researchers and institutions. In quality culture, recognizing others’ performance is one of the ways to make good habit remain constant. Esteem and other recognition given to the deserved are important. A good habit can progress and be sustainable. Last of all is making the output of the research well disseminated. That is (4) to promote quality research publications as credible sources of scientific literature. The academic journal articles are published in trusted journals. In IAMURE, we can find some academic journals for publishing the research results. These will be read widely by worldwide public. Thus, the researchers will be worldwide recognized. By achieving the objectives above, we believe that there are some beneficial outcomes. WRF 2014 is the continuation of the previous world research festivals. This indicates a sustainable intellectual activity. The most important aspect in ISO (International Standard Organization) indicator is having a good quality culture. One of these is the sustainable activity. The greatest action exhibited by intellectuals can produce great ideas. This can be done by an initiative for doing anything related to research. Research and creativity are the two complementary components. A great habit is now being crafted by all who intend to join WRF 2014 in Cebu city, the Philippines, on May 1-3, 2014. I would like to express “Warmest greeting from the representative in Indonesia. We wish you all great success.” Dr. Djuwari is one of the editorial boards of IAMURE journal publications, director of Language Laboratory, STIE Perbanas Surabaya.

The Nature in Philippines and Indonesia

February 15, 2014

Once upon time, I got an email from a friend of mine who lives in Cagayan de Oro city. He said that, he had already done a social service for visiting the people around his region who had been affected by the typhoon. In his email, he stated that the people in Cagayan de Oro city, and especially those who live in the region affected seem to have been tired living in that disaster-prone nature. Reading such an email, I directly replied and also explained to him back. I said that we are living in the same natures. Our natures are prone to disaster or calamities. I also told him that in my region, Java, Indonesia had been affected by the flood. We can see almost every region which is up to this time affected by the flood. Yesterday, (while I’m writing this article Saturday February 15) I sent an email telling him that in Java almost all territories are affected by the explosion of Kelud Volcanno, East Java. I also attached the photo showing the condition of the air which is full of dust or sands. I said to him that, the volcano explosion spreading the dust even to another island that is Madura Island. However, I closed my email by saying that I am still proud of this nature. This disaster- prone-nature really reminds me of the God, the creator of the whole universe. I just think positively that the dust being spread away almost throughout Java and other island, Madura island will be of good thing. I believe that such dust in huge amount can make the soil more fertile. I believe that the impact of the dust is on the soil for better agricultural plantation in future. By thinking in that way, anything happens caused by the volcano in my country will be of good thing rather than the merely disaster. But, I cannot think of anything related to the flood. The flood is to some extent, due to human being attitudes, like in Indonesia. Mostly, when we analyze the flood, the discussion will result in the root cause. And, this root cause is about the plantation or chopping the trees irresponsibly in the forests. This is done by irresponsible people. Of course, they are the people who cut all the trees for their own sake. In that case, it is different from typhoon, tsunami, and volcano which are natural disasters. I experienced having held an international conference in Jakarta, in January 2013. Iamure conference at that time was almost affected by the flood. We almost had no participants for some of them cancelled their participation. Finally, we had only about 50 participants because of the flood and the news covered by the mass media throughout the world: so scary. Flood, typhoon, tsunami, and volcano explosion are different things. Flood may be due to the human beings who are greedy or careless in caring the nature. Most of the developing countries, especially like Indonesia, tend to be careless. Caring the infrastructure is not paid attention much. The government seems pays less attention to the irrigation and forest cultivation. It is common that the forest burned or on fire has never been investigated what causes it. In that case, human beings and the nature are not in harmony. In fact, living in the disaster- prone natures needs our good attitude towards the nature. Typhoon, tsunami, and volcano explosions are the natural disasters. So, we cannot avoid them but think of them as something natural. The most important thing is how to pay attention to our infrastructures and love our natures. Philippines and Indonesia are almost similar in terms of the living things and the nature. We are living in the same nature. Dr. Djuwari has travelled in Cagayan de Oro city twice and living in Surabaya, East Java, teaching at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Indonesia.

Tweeter and Political Education

September 11, 2013

The existence of social network in internet has affected the people and communication in any nation. Tweeter is one of the social networks whose great impact on the nations’ way of life. The domain which is most often affected is political domain. It has been noted that Egypt reform was allegedly due to tweeter communication that is somewhat-words-of-mouth communication. It was mobilized by the tweeter around the country. The political tense in any nation can be also triggered by this social network. There are some unidentified tweeters in the internet. These tweeters are tweeting some information dealing with something politically sensitive. They can also tweet some chats dealing with social condition. Even something that is very confidential. For example, in Indonesia, there have been some tweeters with their unidentified names (nicknames). They talk about political situation. They always expose the confidential information such as about the towering figures’ bad attitudes. Some talk about the corruption and the corruptors with the amount of money and the “projects” being corrupted. Other tweeters also expose the old corruption practice by the former government officials. They tweets some statements dealing with bad conducts committed by the present and the previous political elites. In other words, they have become the whistle blowers. So, the existence of tweeter in Indonesia really makes the elite politicians hearts beat every moment. All the above information as transmitted by the tweeters can be dangerous for the nations who are not ready yet with the technology development. It was predicted by Alvin Toffler in 1970 that there would be three civilizations. First is agricultural era (it was long time ago). Second, industrial era (it was, and is prevailing now for some nations). Third is information era (the existing era). Today, it appears to be the third era that is the era of information. This is indicated by the advancement of technology and its innovation. If this global era with sophisticated technology and information system is not accompanied by the development of human beings’ way of thinking, this will lead to chaos. Education for the nation concerning political, social, and cultural aspects is required. Otherwise, there will be chaos or riots anywhere in a nation due to the unpreparedness for handling the technological advancement. Technology and education system should be hand and hand in terms of tackling the effects of the information. Through tweeters, people can become the whistle blowers. They might communicate the irrelevant and impossible facts as they can. However, when this is not accompanied by the best way of education on political, social, and cultural aspects, any nation will collapse. It is therefore imperative for the government and national education department to try hard to redesign the system of education. This system of education can be implanted in the curriculum of any school throughout the country. Fortunately, in Indonesia there has been great effort. The Minister of Education, with the new curriculum 2013, designs a curriculum in which one of the materials being designed is related to mass media technology. This curriculum provides the materials or subject dealing with understanding many kinds of information to the schools. Some information can be from mass media while others can be from social networks. This subject is intended to provide students (pupils) with knowledge about information, facts, and evidence. This is great effort because, nowadays, the people around the country inevitably get in touch with technology, media, and social network like tweeter. Political education needs a grand design. This grand design should be implanted in the national education system. They should educate their nation with knowledge about the impact of bad news, irrelevant information which can lead them into chaos. It is imperative for all countries to equip their people with knowledge to cope with unexpected impacts of technology development. Tweeter has been proved to be significant for changing the people’s mind throughout the country. It also has bad impact. DR. DjUWARI is Chair of International Accreditation of Academic Journal (IAAJ) for ASEAN region, director of language Laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Indonesia.

Multidimensional Leaders Wanted

June 13, 2013

Nowadays, there has been an indication of the more educated society in political affairs. In Indonesia, it was started by the elected governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo (most popularly called, Jokowi). He is now still gaining his fame and popularity. The most fascinating trend in the society is that the emerging voluntary association is now gathering their fans for the support of Jokowi to be the next President of Indonesia. The phenomenon above expresses the more educated society in the developing country, Indonesia. As globally known and recognized, Jokowi is the modest man coming from a small city, called Surakarta, Central Java. He used to be the furniture businessman before being the mayor of Surakarta city. In general, he is well-known as the low profile leader caring the people he has been leading. Such a modest man with his humility is leading the Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia now. People throughout Indonesia and even over the world know that Jakarta has crucial and complex problems. The problems are related not only to social, economical, but also political problems. All are very complex. However, Jokowi in his daily activities tends to be familiar and friendly as well as caring his people in this metropolitan city. Through such a phenomenon, it can be inferred that the more the society educated, the more they are realistic and logical in behaving. Along time ago up to about five years ago, the society had been considered tendentious and sensitive. For that reason, when the political parties were religion-based, for example when the political party names were related to a certain religion, these parties tended to be vote getters. But, recently or since the last five years, such a party has been left by their voters and even tends to be the loser. The political leaders previously always yelled some words, resembling a certain religion or showing that the parties were related much to a certain religion. In that way, they expected to get a lot of votes from the society. Since the reform started in May 21 1998, there has no indication of the remarkable development in the country with these leaders. This condition makes the people through out the country feel wrong to choose their leaders. Thus, the society is now getting more educated. This can also be supported by the development of technology. They are now already politically literate. The society is now getting their awareness, that choosing good leaders need logical thinking. It is no longer based on the sensitivity. Due to this phenomenon, the leader like Jokowi is now being popular. The voluntary association participants stated that Jokowi is a multidimensional leader. He is not only modest but also resembling the previous Presidents’ characteristics. He has all the characteristics owned by the previous presidents, such as Soekarno (Nationalist), Soeharto (Good Development Father), Gus Dur (Pluralist and Humanist). In short he is such a multidimensional leader that he can attract different people in Indonesia. The members of the voluntary association are now raising their fund with their own money, voluntarily, and planning to have a grand meeting. The most interesting phenomenon is that they will invite the volunteers not only from Indonesia but also from other countries, through out the world. The change of society from politically illiterate to politically literate is very important for any nation. Such a condition leads to the society to be more logical and realistic rather than to be tendentious and sensitive. However, to get the prospective multidimensional leaders is not easy. It needs a good synergy between intellectuals and political leaders. Yet, it is quite difficult to have such a synergy. DR. DJUWARI is the director of language laboratory STIE Perbanas Surabaya; he used also to be a winning team leader of a political party of the post reform in East Java, Indonesia.

Finding Good Journal Publication

June 4, 2013

It has been noted that articles published in scientific journals can be considered the symbol of academic performance for any scientists and especially lecturers in universities. The faculty members in any university can be proud of themselves when they have their research articles published in scientific journals. These journals can be either nationally or internationally accredited. Being accredited means that these journals have undergone rigorous scrutiny by the authorized body related to journal accreditation status. Since the development of Information and technology (IT) assisted by the sophisticated internets has penetrated the human being life, there have been many scientific journals rising both nationally and internationally. In the global scale, the information has been flowing in and out like the huge wave in the ocean throughout the globe. This condition makes any nations with their universities get immense information coming in with different types and characteristics. Yet, it is blurring to see which information is obviously ethical or not. All universities and their faculty members are now crazy with pursuing themselves to have their research writing published in scientific journals. As an editor-in-chief of a nationally accredited scientific journal in my country, I have got a lot of articles coming in submitted by different authors. This is a nationally accredited scientific journal. Yet, with its existence of being accredited by the national accreditation body, it gains its fame and popularity. We can imagine what it looks like when a scientific journal is internationally accredited. We can assume that there must be a long line of the contributors queuing to have their articles submitted and published. The articles which have been published must also undergo reviewing by the reviewers before they are published. However, the more article contributors want their articles to be published in such journals, the more new “scientific” journals are published and have come up in the websites. This condition leads to the blurring scientific journals published by somewhat -faked journal publications. Some call them predatory journal publications, while others term them faked journal publications. Whatever term is used by global public community, the best way to have our articles published is to find the clear identity of publishers. This way is intended to avoid publishing scientific articles in scientific journals with unclear accreditation status. Especially in Indonesia, the government is very serious in connection with the scientific journal publication. This is done by the government to avoid plagiarism and articles published in the so-called faked or predatory scientific journals. It is serious because the government will “punish” the faculty members of any universities who commit plagiarism and even publish their articles in faked journals. For those who have been found guilty will be punished. For example, publishing the articles with fully plagiarism, just copying another author’s article and change the title, then publish it in scientific journals. The punishment is not only imposed on the authors but also the publishers. The authors can be fired from their position as lecturers or they are requested to resign from their job. The publishers may not be allowed to publish their journals and it is difficult for them to propose for getting their journals accredited. When the journals are published outside Indonesia, they are blacklisted and it can be seen in the directorate general of higher education website. This looks like a gambling between being alive and being dead in terms of the career. So far, I have just trusted on the international journal publication by IAMURE (International Association for Multidisciplinary Research). These publishers with all its scientific journals are in my consideration the clear ones and they are ISO-based publication. For that reason, it is important for those who belong to these IAMURE editorial boards to be very prudent in pursuing the best publication through reviewing process. So far, the articles published in these journals have been sent to the reviewers and, therefore, they have undergone serious scrutiny to have good articles. Even all the articles have been presented in international seminars and thus have been “scrutinized” by the global audience orally. Some comments and criticism for improvements must be the best way to make the articles have better quality. To avoid having published scientific articles in the blurring journals thus being unethical, I would rather trust on IAMURE scientific journals than others which may be still blurring. DR. DJUWARI is the editor-in-chief of the accredited Journal of Economics, Business, and Accountancy, published by STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Indonesia, also an editorial board member of the journals published by IAMURE.

Congratulations to WRF 2013 in Davao City

April 23, 2013

Again, the intellectuals hold their great festival in Philippines. It is held exactly on May 1-3, 2013 in Marcopolo Hotel, Davao city, Philippines. Congratulations for all the participants of this great event. What makes the Philippines and the people proud is that this ASEAN member country has held national and international conferences with participants from different countries. This year, the world research festival (WRF 2013) is considered the most prestigious event for the intellectuals. The theme chosen for this great celebration is “Research for a sustainable world.” This means that the research products produced by the intellectuals are expected to provide the way of life where the people in the world survive for longer time: sustainable. Sustainability semantically represents the on-going-process of learning and findings ways without stopping: insatiable. Being insatiable, all the intellectuals can gain their fame and popularity not only for their own lives but also for other nations in the world. The products of their academic endeavors should provide the nations with knowledge and skills related to science and technology. The two things—science and technology—have penetrated the lives of the nations throughout the world with their unexpected consequences. Those who are ready with their existing condition are free from the consequences. Those who are not ready with the fast development of science and technology will become the “victims” due to their consequences. Therefore, building the culture of making the intellectuals ready with all the consequences above is vital. This can be done by involving themselves in doing research. Besides research, being involved in academic activities like WRF 2013 and other beneficial intellectual activities can make the participants get updated any time and minute. More specially, this great event of WRF 2013 is held by the two intellectual organizations: IAMURE and PAIR. The former, IAMURE stands for International Association of Multidisciplinary Research that is more global while PAIR, Philippine Association of Institutions for Research, national but great anyway. I would rather call them the twin intellectual organizations. There have been international conferences initiated by the Philippines with the two intellectual organizations. Especially by IAMURE, even the events have been conducted not only in the home country, Philippines but also in other countries. It has been spreading its great influence to continuously enlighten the nations. It has been trying to enlighten the members and participants. Why do the activities of the twin organizations enlighten the members? It is due to some benefits derived from all events, including the WRF 2013 this year in Davao city. The WRF 2013 will try to give recognition to great achievements of individuals and institutions. The recognitions are in relation to the production, promotion, utilization, and commercialization of research. The recognitions are manifested in the forms of giving awards to the participants. This can be categorized into such as an Outstanding World Researcher, Outstanding World Research Leader, Outstanding World Journal Editor, Outstanding World Peer Reviewer, Outstanding World Research Program, Outstanding World Research Journal, Outstanding ISO Certified Research Organization, Outstanding World R and D Research. Beyond the above recognitions, the participants and the members of the twin organizations will always be updated. They are provided with the news and advancement related to the intellectual activities: research and publications. The two actions by the intellectuals cannot be separated from their existence. Again, congratulations to all the participants and wish you all with great success and high spirit for making the world and research sustainable. Dr. Djuwari is Director of Language Laboratory at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Indonesia, a member of IAMURE and also its journals’ editorial member.


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