Mindanao Daily News, Noypi Vlogger launch FB Like & Share Challenge (Part 2)

November 6, 2019


Good news to the avid fans and supporters of Mindanao Daily News!

In cooperation with Noypi Vlogger, Mindanao Daily News launched the "FB Like & Share Challenge Part 2."

This time the contest already includes subscribing to a YouTube Channel of Noypi Vlogger to become illigible to join the contest.

There will be great prizes that await the winners of this event that has already started and will end on March 28,2020.

"Apil namo sa contest for a chance to win a brandnew cellphone and brand new appliances," says Noypi Vlogger Joel Escol.

Last year, Mindanao Daily News started this "FB Like and Share Challenge" and a teacher from Camaman-an grabbed the brandnew Huawie mobile phone and other winners of cellphone loads also got their respective prizes.

Earlier, MDN President and Publisher Dante M. Sudaria thanked the participants of the contest.

He said there will be more contests in the future as MDN's way of thanking the continued participation and support of its 175,000 FB fans.

"Nalipay kita nga daghan usab ang miapil sa maong contest so in the future mas daghan pang mga prizes and atong ihatag sa atong mga MDN fans, says the president and publisher of Mindanao Daily News.


Below are some of the details to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance to win the brandnew Celphone and home appliances!

1. Like and Share our FB Page to 3 of your friends on Facebook - link here >>bit.ly/2pOPEK2
2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (click subscribe and click the bell BUTTON to receive more video updates from us) link here >>bit.ly/31PCGdd
3. After subscribing to our Youtube Channel, paste this comment  either in Facebook Fan pages or in Youtube Page "I Want To Win" and then paste your FB link for checking purposes that you have made all the tasks to qualify for the contest.
4. Visit and like our other FB Fan page here >>http://www.mindanaodailynews.com

All of the tasks above will increase your chances of winning the brand new Home Appliances!


GRAND PRIZE - Brandnew Celphone
1st Prize - Brandnew Rice Cooker
2nd Price - Brandnew electric stand fan
3.Cash prize - P500



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