Mindanao bus company reappoints Leo Rey Yanson as prexy, chairman

By Gerry Lee Gorit, correspondent
January 17, 2021


CAGAYAN de Oro City--Leo Rey Yanson has once again been appointed as chairman and president of Mindanao Star Bus Transport Inc. (MSBTI) as the company has remained committed to ensure the safety of the riding public amid the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Yanson was reappointed as MSBTI head during the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting held Saturday (Jan. 16).

He is also the chief executive officer and president of the Yanson Group of Bus Companies (YGBC), considered as the biggest bus conglomerate in the Philippines with seven subsidiaries operating all over the country.

In Mindanao, the YGBC subsidiaries are Rural Transit Mindanao Inc. (RTMI), Bachelor Express Inc. (BEI), and Mindanao Star Bus Transport Inc. (MSBTI).

The other subsidiaries are Vallacar Transit Inc., Ceres Transport Inc., Southern Star Bus Transport Inc., and Sugbo Transit Inc.

As the subsidiary’s newly elected leader, Yanson said the company “continues to be steadfast in its goal to serve the Filipino people. MSBTI remains committed to providing the riding public with the most reliable means of public transportation for all.”

During the meeting, Yanson, Ginnette Dumancas, Charles Dumancas, Rey Ardo, and Arvin John Villaruel were re-elected as members of MSBTI’s board of directors.

Following the election of the directors, the board also held an organizational meeting wherein Yanson was re-appointed as chairman of the board and president of MSBTI, while his mother Olivia was re-appointed as the company’s corporate secretary and treasurer.

The company said the newly appointed Board is excited to see how they can continue to push boundaries to provide quality transportation to every Filipino in this great nation despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Despite proper and timely notice, stockholders Roy Yanson, Ricardo Yanson Jr., Emily Yanson, and Ma. Lourdes Celina Lopez were absent. All are YGBC leader’s siblings.

In a press statement sent to reporters, the company said Roy, Celina and Ricky are believed to be unable to attend the meeting because they are currently hiding abroad as fugitives from justice together with their sister [Celina].

The company added that as of this writing, there are several outstanding warrants of arrest against the four Yanson siblings, known as the “Y4,” for carnapping and for grave coercion issued by the courts of Bacolod City.
Just recently, warrants of arrest have also been issued against Emily for the crimes of Perjury and Falsification of Vallacar Transit Inc.’s (“VTI”) General Information Sheets (“GIS”). It is those same questionable GISes that are being used by Y4 to claim their majority ownership of VTI, the company said.



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