Cebu City registers 4,962 coronavirus disease positive, says health department

By MDN Digital News Team
June 29, 2020


CEBU CITY - (MDN Visayas News) - The City Health Department in Cebu City has confirmed to the media the other day that the total number of residents who became covid-19 positive numbered to 4,962, including the latest 131 new cases as of June 28, 2020. 

Included in the figures, the CHD said, are 131 new cases as of June 28, 2020.

The death toll in the city also increased to 156 with the addition of six more deaths of covid19 victims with existing co-morbidities.

The latest confirmed cases recorded on Sunday, June 28, were from Barangays Duljo Fatima and Mambaling. They had earlier died on May 16 and 27 but test results only arrived this week confirming them positive of the deadly virus. 

The Health Department told the media, “As per protocol, COVID-related deaths are placed on the official list as soon as a death certificate is duly issued. It will be prudent on the part of the government to base its reporting on official documents.” 

Meanwhile, among the latest fatalities in Cebu City include City Councilor Antonio Cuenco who died last Saturday (June 27) at the age of 84.  

Thru an official statement from the family, they have confirmed the passing of the councilor on Saturday evening.

The family in a statement said: “My family and I wish to let you know that my father, Councilor and former Congressman Antonio Veloso Cuenco, has succumbed to the lethal effects of the COVID19 virus,” his son James Cueno said in the statement.” It happened so fast and has left us very shocked to realize that the good man that we have had the opportunity to have as our father (with my siblings Ronald, Antonio Jr and Cynthia) and a good husband to my mother, Nancy, is gone.”

The family statement said that prior to the death of the councilor, he has experienced fever and mild cough, in which the family decided to have him checked and tested for the deadly coronavirus disease last June 18. 

The city councilor's last session attended was on June 25 via Zoom.



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